Our health is a gift of immeasurable value.

None of us escape our genetic heritage or our upbringing but we are all responsible for our own life choices (oh dear!). Michel Cymes is one of France’s most celebrated Doctors and in his new book Live Better and Longer he promises that it is very easy to go from a life filled with bad patterns of behaviour to a life transformed by new ones. Thankfully for us, he believes it is never too late. (Phew! – There might be hope for us yet)

Burn baby Burn

Generally, we all know that we should be making healthy food choices and eating a varied diet wth fresh quality vegetables  but what we may not know is which food can help us on our way. Dr Cymes suggests getting our fat working for us and mobilising it by eating the right foods. Apparently it will go away of its own accord. Some foods do actually burn fat. They have triple benefits of facilitating digestion, making you feel full and stimulating the metabolism. By prioritising these foods we can slow down our fat storing mechanism and prevent it going into overdrive.

Here are ten such foods which help to burn fat.


If you have this for breakfast, your body will require energy to digest them; it will draw on existing reserves and burn calories. These products will stop you feeling peckish late morning too.

It is well established that oat brand makes you feel full because it is rich in fibre. The fibre also slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood, which helps avoid the peaks and troughs in energy that make us ferret around in the fridge towards the end of the morning. Oat bran also goes perfectly with dairy products so a perfect breakfast is oat bran with almond milk. Super healthy but maybe not super yummy?

The more you eat chilli your body’s internal temperature rises. Your metabolism is given a boost. Mind you, unless you want to blow your head off, go steady and remember to wash your hands before touching any body parts! Ouch!

Adding Cinnamon to your food is a ways of reducing and stabilising blood sugar levels. Sugar makes you put on weight. So, less sugar=less weight (a nice equation we think you’ll agree). Check out Dr Wills sugar free sauces in BITE.

This also helps regulate blood sugar levels but can be pretty hard to stomach as a drink. Some people take a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar before breakfast but we think it is better on a salad.

As long as you continue to eat protein, it will continue to demand energy to be digested. This is what all the foods listed above demand…. simples. (not sure it is but sounds simple enough)

These contain citric acid, which helps burn fat. A cup of lemon & ginger tea each morning will do you the world of good. See our feature in BE.

Eaten as a snack, they cleverly trap some lipids before they turn into fat rolls. An apple a day and all that……..

People are forever praising its slimming and diuretic effect. This is because tannins reduce fat absorption.

Coffee and caffeine definitely burn some fats but watch out! If you drink more than three cups a day, you will risk succumbing to anxiety or stress that results in…… guess what? YUP. Fat Storing!

Adapted from Live Better and Longer by Michael Cymes, Quercus £12.99


“The poorest of the poor wouldn’t swap their health for all the money in the world but the richest of the rich would gladly give up their piles of cash to be healthy again”

Edme-Pierre Chauvot de Beauchene (Physcian to Charles X)