Ten Strategies For Being A Great Dad

  1. Go on regular ‘Dad dates’ with NOANOK – No Other Adults, No Other Kids.
  2. Plan a one-on-one ‘Dad trip’  – be intentional about spending time with them.
  3. Be creative about making time with them. One day a week a walk to school, ice cream on a Friday, a bike ride.
  4. Help them understand they are special  by focusing on their unique qualities.
  5. Practise listening not solving or judging. Just Listen.
  6. Talk about values like trust, honesty, integrity, showing respect to others and generosity to the poor.
  7. Acknowledge drug use and peer pressure to them. Teach them handy phrases to use as a ‘get out clause’ (Scary this one – see additional note*).
  8. Be involved in their education – take them to interesting places, help with homework and get to know the teachers.
  9. Instill confidence by telling them that they are beautiful on the inside.
  10. Treat all women with respect especially her Mother – she is listening.
  11. You can read more and find many resources for helping dads at www.thefatheringproject.org

We don’t see why these just apply to just fathers and daughters as we think that they can equally apply to mothers and daughters and fathers and sons too.

*Teaching them a Get Out Clause

Biddulph recommends teaching your children some clever strategies to get out of uncomfortable situations such as being offered alcohol or drugs in a group situation or when the peer pressure is on.

“Sorry I have sport tomorrow, have to get up really early, don’t feel that well actually” can help them to pass on the situation.

Taken from 10 THINGS GIRLS NEED MOST to grow up Strong and Free by Steve Biddulph, published by Thornsons, Harper Collins £16.99. For more from Steve Biddulph see Miss Manners.

We’re All About the Kids

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The Fathering Project isn’t for those Dads who feel overwhelmed or that they are not doing a good job. It is for each and very Dad. It seeks to show Fathers their significance and importance to their kids and provide them with useful tips to raise and develop children; the future of our society.