We live in a cluttered world where most of us have an unpalatable excess of just about everything. Half the things in our cupboards and closets we wouldn’t even miss or probably hardly realised we even had in the first place.  It’s not always easy parting with things that were once loved or cherished or held some sentimental attachment but it’s key to living a pared down de-cluttered life. If reading through a list of 100 things to get rid of fills you with dread then you may want to read our feature on Goodbye things – 10 steps to declutter your life first!

We do wholly advocate passing on as much as possible to worthwhile causes instead of adding to landfill. Re-home as much as you can from children’s books and toys to your local school, clothes and furniture to charity shops (some charity shops will collect large items for free) or well loved items to friends and family. 

So grab a few bin liners and label them according to their end destination: charity / friends / rubbish  etc and get going.


Here are 100 things to get rid of right now.


Chipped crockery
Broken wooden spoons
Broken cutlery
Orphaned Tupperware lids
Excess tupperware
Out of date larder products such as tins, rice, flour
Food you won’t ever use (donate)
Out of date herbs / spices
Cookery books you have not opened in more than two years
Useless kitchen gadgets
Stained excess tea-towels
Takeaway menus
Old jam jars
Cleaning products that you have never used
Expired medications
Excessive shopping bags
Stained washcloths
Scratched pots or pans
Duplicates of anything
Plastic cutlery from takeaways
Novelty baking dishes


Old receipts / banks statements (shred them)
Chargers / wires from old laptops / phones
Greeting cards
Dried up pens/markers
Correspondence that is out of date (e.g. old renewal quotes)
Business cards you don’t even remember getting
Used batteries
Used printer cartridges (recycle)
Battered up folders
Junk mail
Old phones
Unused notebooks
Dried up glue sticks

Bedroom / wardrobe 

Orphaned socks that you’ve hung onto forever
Paperbacks / books you know you won’t read again
Excess coat hangers
Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year
Jeans you know in your heart of hearts will never fit / suit you again
Broken jewelry
Single earrings
Worn out shoes
Old / unused ties
Worn out hats/ gloves
Belts that don’t fit
Faded / worn out pants / bras
Discoloured white camisole vests
Scarves you haven’t worn in over a year
Clothes that have never flattered your shape
Promotional freebie t-shirts / sweatshirts

Bathroom / airing cupboard 

Mouldy kids bath toys
Worn down soaps
Old toothpastes
Discoloured or stained facecloths
Towels that are stained / have hols
Worn or damaged duvet covers/ sheets
Old toilet scrubber
Dried up nail polishes
Cosmetics samples 6+ months old
Out of date skincare products
Excess mini cosmetic travel bags
Lipsticks you hate
Rancid perfumes that have gone by the best before date
Body lotions that have an old sharp odour
Hairdryer accessories you never use

Living Room

Broken remote controls
DVD’s you will never watch again
DVD’s that are scratched
Old magazines
Dried up houseplants
Wall art you don’t like anymore
Used up night lights or candles
Excessive decorative bric a brac
Worn out / smelly cushions


Jigsaws missing a piece
Old children’s drawings that you don’t have an emotional connection to
Toys / games that your children have outgrown (hide them for a week & see if they realise they are gone)
Anything that comes from a party bag
Excessive teddies
Any toy or game that is broken
Small crayon nubs, used up markers
Used scraps of paper
Freebies from magazines
Duplicates of erasers / rulers / pencils
Used or nearly used glitter pots
Gunky paint tubes
Unwanted party gifts
Bent or creased wrapping


Old string / ribbon
Keys you have no idea where they belong
Random coins from past holidays
Receipts / scraps of paper
Product manuals (take a pic of the model code – you can always get it online)
Christmas cracker gifts, marbles, pen lids or any other random tat
Worn out hair ties or clips
Expired coupons
Odd buttons
Tiny screws / allan keys from furniture you don’t even have anymore
Emergency sewing kits