There’s nothing nicer than receiving a handmade, thoughtful present at Christmas.  And if they are foodie gifts then they are all the nicer!  It’s nice to go that extra mile which is why we’ve created three foodie gifts in a jar this year.  Perfect gift for work colleagues, friends, neighbours or even just as a thank you to the post-man!  We love the endless possibilities of mason jars and had a hard time deciding which foodie jars to showcase:

Red Onion Marmalade. 

Perfect for game, meats, cheeses or your turkey sandwich on Boxing Day. You cannot go wrong with the beautifully rich red onion marmalade which is infused with full bodied red wine and creme de cassis. Click for recipe.


White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies 

For a present with a bit of a wow factor the festive white chocolate & cranberry cookies are a great option. Presented with it’s layered raw ingredients, the person who receives the jar only has to add butter and an egg to the mixture and pop in the oven for the crispiest chewiest cookies ever. Click for recipe


Marj’s Basil Pesto

Or for a great fridge staple over Christmas you cannot go wrong with Marj’s delicious basil pesto. Spoiler alert: you will never buy shop bought pesto sauce ever again and it is totally quick and easy to make. It will last up to two weeks in the fridge once it is covered with a layer of olive oil to preserve it.  Click for recipe


The mason jars we used are from Hobby Craft and hold 12 oz (490ml). Or for similar jars these ones are great.

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