How to stop worrying about what you SHOULD do so you can finish what you NEED to do and start doing what you WANT to do.

Sarah Knight’s new book ‘Get Your Shit Together” is an irreverent one stop shop for tidying our busy minds and making our lives easier and better (loving the synergy with Morello Life here).

Obviously, as the title suggests there is a lot of swearing in this book – in fact there are precisely 332 ‘shits’* mentioned including a few ‘shitmanteaus’ of the author’s own invention but if you can get past those then actually this is a genius of a book, brimming with practical tips and tricks. Get Your Sh*t together is a life bible for the 21st Century.

Now you may already think you know how to be organised and you may already write to do lists but as Sarah explains carefully, there is an art to it. If you follow her clever, strategic steps you may well become Queen of your very own ‘Got My Sh*T Together’ Kingdom.

*Be warned – This review includes profanity

Avoiding doing the washing will eventually leave  you with no underwear, avoiding uncomfortable conversations delays resolution……….Sarah Knight.

Here are 5 ways to help you get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight.



Mental decluttering takes two forms, discarding and organising. So firstly, discard obligations and eliminate the annoyances and free up your time to achieve your stuff. Essentially try to stop caring what other people think of your life choices and just get on with them. Prioritise your life because selfish is NOT a four letter word.

Giving too many f*cks – without enough time, energy and money to devote to them keeps you overbooked, overwhelmed and overdrawn. This leads to f*ck overload – a state of anxiety, panic and despair.


Put an end to what you don’t want to be and decide what is wrong with your life. Set aside some time and think about your goals and break them into small achievable chunks. Achievable is the key word here.


If you only take one thing from this review then this is it. The Nub of it. Set aside time to complete each chunk, taking one step at a time towards your goal.

Use a fresh piece of paper and determine what has to get done TODAY. Turn your to do list into only a MUST-DO  list.



STEP 1. Make a to do list

STEP 2. Priorise items based on urgency

STEP 3. Move what has to get get done today to a must do list

STEP 4. Do that stuff and save the rest for tomorrow

STEP 5. Repeat steps 1-4


Like everything, if you’ve not got the basics in place then it’s only a matter of time before everything will go wrong. So get the basics in place, and then build from there. This means sorting out your essential life accessories – your budget, phone, inbox and filing. (This is actually a large chunk of the book but we’re trying to keep it simple so – sort it!)


DO what you need to do to check off chunks every day and make a small commitment to move towards your goal. Divide your goal into 365 mini-goals if you have to and aim to do one every day. You need to engage your willpower, after all you can not finish something you do not start.

Treat Life like a Great Big Colouring Book
Another great metaphor from Sarah here – so rather than aiming to create an enormous piece of work of art from scratch, simply work your way through each little section until the big picture materialises before you.

Good Luck! 

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