One of the most truly liberating things about getting older is the freedom to be who we really are, without apology. We are comfortable enough in our own skin now to own our behaviour and our beliefs. Tying ourselves up in gossip or playground politics is so tedious and really not our bag. Here are 5 things we really don’t care about anymore and by ditching them we are much happier, relaxed people for it.

1. Paper thin friendships

You know who we mean. The friends you meet at the odd dinner party or have a coffee with every now and again but actually have never gotten under the surface level. And probably never will. In a way aren’t they just casual acquaintances when you peel it back? Callous as it sounds, time with good friends is precious enough as it is without spreading yourself across paper thin ones.

Ditto for toxic friendships. We’ll pass on friends that want to suck the life out of life and try to take us with them.  Our motto is to surround ourselves with positive fun people who help us be better versions of ourselves. And those who we can belly laugh with – now that’s really important.

2. Following fashion like a sheep

Don’t get us wrong, we totally want to be the first to know what’s hot and what’s not but that doesn’t mean we want to rock last season’s bralette look or carry off the one earring vibe (not that that was ever really an option tbh). We’re now pretty confident in our own skin that we don’t need to conform to every macro trend that totters down the catwalk. We’ve got our own look and we’re good with that. In fact, by tweaking our own personal style with subtle nods to seasonal trends, it’s a far more timeless approach to fashion. And plus, we own it.

3. Being defined by age

As Joan Collins once famously said ‘Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant, unless of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine’.  We couldn’t agree more. With so many beauty and fashion houses boycotting the word ‘anti-aging’ as it purports that that we should fight the effects of getting older, age is now becoming timeless. Sure, we all want a dewy fresh face but these days we’re more interested in finding a moisturiser that deals with anti-pollution and skin pigmentation than one that professes to take 10 years off our face (because it probably won’t anyway).

We will always want to take care of our appearance, that’s a given, but we aren’t really hankering after our 20’s anymore. Our laughter lines say it all.

4. Fear of judgement

We spent the first few decades of our lives being fearful of making big decisions, trying a new career path or making a scary lifestyle change. By agonizing over our capabilities and fear of judgement from others, we can effectively paralyse ourselves from achieving life’s big (and little) victories.  Plus having niggling negative commentary in our ear is a sure-fire way to kill our buds of ideas before they’ve even taken flight.

It’s not rocket science to work out that judgement from others often stems from their own insecurities. When someone shows a lack of enthusiasm, negative interest or no interest at all in an idea, they may well just feel threatened by what you’ve achieved or are about to achieve.  It really says more about their insecurities than yours. Don’t let it dampen your spirit, move past it and believe in yourself.  After all, you know what you can achieve better than anyone else.

5. The Brag Culture

The current obsession of maintaining a picture-perfect life on social media is getting so jaded. It’s a popularity contest of likes and compliments and we’re a bit over it. Sure, it’s nice to get a have a photogenic holiday pic to add to your timeline but not if it took you 50 takes and 2 hours of editing to filter the crap out of it. We’d rather actually be present and make a real memory with our friends and family than painfully narrate every waking moment.

And we can’t take any more of the oh so humble (not) ‘look-at-the-Chloe-bag-my-naughty-hubby-just-bought-me’ post. Eye roll. To be honest, the friends who intrigue and interest us more are the modest ones who don’t post so often because there’s a bit of mystique about them and it means they are actually living a real-life life. They are the ones who actually have Cornflakes on the kitchen floor and breakfast bowls stacked up on the sink at 10am . Our kind of friends. Like we said, real life.