Introducing Laterra Artisan – a range of sauces and marinade which reflect the authentic flavours of Mexico and make cooking up a Mexican feast a complete breeze.

We absolutely love Mexican food so you can imagine our excitement when an American friend introduced us to a range of authentic sauces which make cooking this delicious cuisine at home an absolute breeze.

Get Saucy

Introducing Laterra Artisan – a wide range of sauces and marinades which reflect the authentic flavours of Mexico. They can be used for marinading, served as a sauce or as a dip, and offer a really good kick of flavour.

Each sauce blends the ingredients from a particular region to create a unique fusion of flavours and it is all 100% natural and gluten-free. There are no nasties here. They are also made with special care so that the artisanal process is maintained.

Cinco de Mayo

It just happens that this month sees “Cinco de Mayo”, a Mexican celebration of food and culture which has become synonymous with Margaritas, Cervezas (beer to us) and occasional controversy over what the holiday is actually about. But we’re not here to split hairs –  any excuse for a celebration is also an excuse for a big spicy cook off.


So we got busy with our sauces and spent a few days experimenting with the sauces and a delicious array of ingredients (Masterchef eat your heart out).

The results

We absolutely love every single sauce we have tried so far.  The Del Tropicoa Mango sauce which cleverly combines sweet, savoury and spicy notes, is voted our most favourite and we found it incredibly versatile. See our recipes; Mango and Tuna wraps and mini Mango and mini prawn Crustades for just two ideas. It is also divine when dribbled over fresh mango and raspberries (and vanilla ice cream). In second place is  De La Costa which is a Tamarind sweet savoury sauce which really livens up simple fish or chicken. We also made Pulled Pork tacos with this which were snaffled before we had even finished cooking (whoops!). The Sinola Red Sauce made knocking up a batch of Chicken Enchiladas super easy (now we know they are this fast to make they are set to become a weekly staple).

What are you having for dinner this week? Check out the recipe ideas, all inspired by Laterra Artisan sauces, in BITE. Let us know how you get on via our Facebook or Twitter pages and the best re-creation will receive a selection of 4 Laterra Artisan sauces.

If you want even more spicy inspiration and loads of fabulous authetic recipes then hot foot it to the Laterra Artisan and get cooking. The sauces are also available online here.