Move over K-beauty and make room for J-beauty!


You can’t have missed the K-Beauty trend over the past couple of years which has hogged the beauty spotlight (if you did, it’s K for ‘Korean Beauty’). Famous for its 10 step skin care routine to achieve dewy cloudless skin.  It has brought us the weird and the wonderful; from snail gel creams, sheet masks, fizzy water facials and blackhead silk finger balls. It’s arguably very trend driven and somewhat gimmicky with on-demand products to quench our appetite but we love it.

Make way for J-Beauty – meaning  Japanese beauty or products originating from Japan. And because K and J-beauty have a very different offering there is plenty of room for both in our bathroom cabinets.


J-beauty Philosophy

The philosophy behind J-beauty is that beauty lies on a healthy skin base.  This is why deep cleansing is at the heart of it’s skincare emphasis. It must be said that J-beauty isn’t anything new to the Japanese, who have carefully honed their beauty and wellness methods for centuries.  It’s just new to us in the Western Hemisphere. Bathing and body cleansing is part of every day life in Japan with people visiting their local onsen (public bathing houses) to scrub their bodies back to a pure clean base.  The Japanese are known for unblemished, youthful skin that is carefully hidden from the sun. No wonder we want a bit of what they’re having!

Why choose J-beauty products?

You might wonder about the difference between western beauty methods and that of Japan? It’s fair to say that western products have an over arching concern with corrective damage after the damage has occurred, whereas J-beauty products have a more pre-emptive approach with a longer term goal.  J-beauty and Japanese beauty products are based on heritage and tradition with a product offering that are simple but effective but give a sense of understated luxury. You won’t find quick fixes in J-beauty products, instead you will be guided through a nurturing routine that helps you create deeply cleansed, well hydrated, glowing skin.

So do you need to throw out all your existing skin care products to make way for a range of J-beauty ones? Certainly not but having one or two in your beauty arsenal would serve you well.


J-beauty product edit


DHC is probably the most popular beauty brands in Japan, and their Deep Cleansing Oil leads the packt. It’s easy to understand why.  It’s silky texture doesn’t feel oily on the skin’s surface, yet manages to melt away all manner of dirt, makeup and impurities. The oil is enriched with Vitamin E and olive oil.

The DHC Beauty Life eye roll on helps rejuvenate the delicate eye area with it’s rollerball massage applicator.

This  luxurious yet lightweight formula from Shiseido rapidly permeates deep into pores to gently and thoroughly remove impurities. It lifts hard-to-remove base and waterproof eye makeup in seconds.

The new formulation of SHISEIDO’s bestselling Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate will not disappoint.  Imugeneration Technology uses powerful natural extracts to boost your skin’s ability to maintain an ideal condition, defying concerns both today and in the future. Your skin looks smooth, supple and radiant, with energy from within.

This is a luscious, clear cream that naturally plumps, softens and hydrates skin from the get-go. For serious nourishment under or over makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury