Now, you might have heard about Manifesting – which whilst once considered rather alternative, is  now becoming much more mainstream. Manifesting is about intentionally creating what you want. The idea is that everything happening in your life is a reflection of your thoughts so by positively focusing on the things you want you can ‘manifest’ these changes.

Now we’ve had a parking fairy for a while now (we ask the fairy for a parking space and and believe me when i say it never fails!). Manifesting seems to be using that same process for your whole life. Ask and you will recieve. After all, it can’t be a co-incidence that positive people are luckier, goal orientated people are more successful….

So, Sarah Morgan, Manifesting and Law of Attraction Coach has, especially for Morello Life, kindly outlined outlined her 5 key short cuts to help us get into a fast-track manifesting flow!

5 Steps to Mastering the Art Of Manifesting


Sarah coaches all of her clients the Dream Day Journal Process and she champions this process as the thing that changed everything for her and her manifesting. Each morning, before we switch on our phones, we need to spend about fifteen minutes writing about what would make our dream day. Sarah says we should not be limited by practicalities or by what is realistic – but we can go as big as you want!  Apparently, this technique is hugely powerful as it short-cuts you straight into positive manifesting flow because as you write, you FEEL as if you are already right there in your dream day and, what you feel is what you manifest. If we are doing it correctly we won’t even think about the ‘how’ but just dream big.


The second step is to meditate straight after doing our Dream Day Journal. After years of trying various meditations, Sarah swears by the mindfulness of breathing 20 minute meditation and you can access this for free on her website


We need to follow our bliss and our urges. The universe will support us BUT we do need to meet it half way and by this, Sarah explains that she means – take that first step towards your bliss, your dream, your goal. Even if it is just researching something that we want to manifest. Once we have taken that first step, the universe will understand that we are serious and it will keep sending more guidance, literally like a bread crumb trail. (Thumbs through Villas for sale in Barbados….)


Sarah recommends topping and tailing our day with positivity. So, before we go to sleep, it is helpful to list anything that we are grateful for or we feel has already manifested. This takes us into a positive mindset when we sleep and so when we wake up the next day, we already have a head start for our morning routine of the Dream Day Journal and mindfulness of breathing mediation.


Finally, she recommends doing a vision board. (Who doesn’t love a vision board!). However, this needs to be done with the right energy behind it – passion, excitement and desire. We need to look online for inspiration and check out pinterest/google for some delicious images to reflect our desires.  Again, she says we mustn’t be limited by what you think is realistic or possible – go big! And then, we should use this vision board and refer to it each morning when we are writing our Dream Day Journal.Her final tip is to keep it updated and use it everyday for the full power of manifesting to take hold..


So exciting! We are off to start our vision board for Morello Life which includes thousands of Instagram followers and a guest edit by Gwyneth P – dream big right?

Sarah Morgan

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