This is a really, really good spinach salad and one we feel we need to share.

The fresh flavours of baby spinach and garden peas are complimented by salty feta cheese, caramelised smoky bacon and browned pine nuts to create a sublime salad. This is great as a side but also incredible as a dish in its own right. The best thing about it? It can be rustled up in minutes.

What You Need

  • 1 bag of baby spinach
  • Bowl of Freshly shelled peas or frozen peas, thawed and cooked quickly to retain colour and crunch.
  • A packed of smoked bacon lardons or a few rashers of smoked back bacon.
  • 1/2 packed of pine nuts
  • Crumbed Feta – amount to taste. We tend to use about 2/3 of a block.
  • Splash of Maple Syrup or Honey
  • White Wine Vinegar

What You Do

  1. Empty Bag of Spinach leaves into bowl (yes it really is that easy).
  2. Cook frozen peas very quickly so they retain their bite and colour and leave to cool.
  3. Crumble the the feta cheese into small pieces and add to the spinach salad.
  4. Fry bacon lardons in their own fat until brown and just turning crispy.
  5. Pour the Maple Syrup or honey over the lardons and continue cooking until brown and sticky.
  6. Add the pine nuts and cook until they are turning gently brown.
  7. Add a splash of white wine vinegar to loosen the sticky meat juices.
  8. Throw the contents of the pan including the juices over the salad distributing everything evenly.
  9. Serve warm (although it is also delicious cold).


If you want to create a main meal, this spinach salad can easily be boosted by a chargrilled Chicken breast or some softly cooked Salmon. It makes a tasty base for anything you fancy.