We wouldn’t want you to be out of step with the latest trends so here is our quick A-Z update on last month’s London Fashion Week so you can get styling ready for Spring/Summer 2018.

This being the 66th Year of LFW with 85 catwalk shows and over 33 events and showcases, we have boiled it down to what we consider some very pertinent sartorial information as well as some nonsense. Pretty much like LFW itself.

X is for X-tradordinary.

Certainly you have to be a serious fashionista to carry off some of the crazy looks on show this season or just a bit barking. Whatever floats your boat.

A  is for Anoraks.

We know it rains a lot in this country but who knew this non-fashion essential is now a fashion must-have? Mary Katrantzou, Anya Hindmarch and Burberry have all sent models down their runway donning the humble anorak.

B is for Burberry.

Once the Frozen of fashion, Burberry Check is back in business. Bigtime.

C is for Casual footwear.

Check out Christopher Kane’s bejewelled crocs and street-steady sneakers at Alexander Wang.

D is for Denim

Never out of fashion in our eyes but firmly in for SS2018 – Double Denim, Dipped Denim, Dark Denim.

E is for Erdem

Highlighting his renown pretty floral prints and PS about to hit the high Street with a new collection at H&M on 2nd Nov.

F is for Franken Dress

Perfect for Halloween. Sliced and diced fabrics come together to create next season’s must-have piece: the “Franken-dress.”

G is for Glitz

When is glitz and glamour too much? Not in Spring/Summer 2018 that’s for sure. Get ready to sparkle.

H is for Huge cuffs.

Huge statement cuffs are not going anywhere. In fact the bigger, the frillier and the crazier the better.

I is for Indian

Ashish showed an Indian-themed extravaganza which indicates that beautiful Indian colour and sparkle is heading our way.

J is for Jumpers.

Coats are passe. The retro patterned jumper is now the outerwear of choice. Scenic scenes even better.

K is for Katherine Hamnett

Oversized Tees are back. Call it a revival or a blessing. Now where did I put it?

L is for Lavender

Lavender is the new Milennial Pink but Pink is also the new pink. Confused? We are too.

M is for Mini Me.

Phoebe English paired each of her models with a puppet, wearing the same look but smaller. Slightly strange but seems to be still a thing.

N is for Nails

Lots of different nail art going on for S/S 2018 with the most noticable being a brightly-coloured twist on the French manicure and some baylayage creativity creeping in. Believe us when we say Stiletto toe nails are a big no-no.

O is for Oversized Hair Accessories

Oversized hair accessories are de rigour….. from huge headbands to colossal clips. Jojo Siwa has a lot to answer for.

P is for Pink.

Pink is going no-where. From rosy ruffles to pink, peachy suits and dresses, flush and blush is still the shade.

Q is for the Queen

Royalty got a nod with runway shows such as Erderm and Simone Rocha showcasing luxe finishes and fabrics, with long gloves, high neck blouses and delicate floral dresses. Long live Queenie.

R is for Red Boots

Revisiting the 1980’s for those of us there first time around. ‘Tis the season for red boots. Walk it baby.

S is for Sequins.

Shimmer, baby, shimmer.  Sequins are over everything. Day and Night. Too much is no longer too much.

T is for Trans

Transeasonal dressing is the word on the street – layering is so done darrrrrling.

V is for Versus

Versus, Donatella Versace’s younger range premiered featuring plenty of cheeky checks, bold bikinis and curated cowgirl-themed pieces.

W is for Wicker baskets

Dorothy as in Oz had it right. Wicker baskets are the new handbags.

X is for X-tradordinary

Certainly you have to be a serious fashionista to carry off some of the crazy looks on show this season or just a bit barking. Whatever floats your boat.

Y is for Yellow

The catwalk was painted Yellow. Any shade will do whether mustard, pale lemon or fizzy sherbet. Bright.

Z is for Zayn Malik

He was in One Direction and he was at London Fashion Week. That’s all you need to know because Z is hard.


Research and images courtesy of Vogue, Tatler, Instyle, Popsugar, London fashion Week, The Times, The Telegraph and our industry insiders of course.