Finding the right Christmas gift for teachers can be so tedious, which is why a joint class present of flowers or a voucher is such an easy option. However sometimes it’s thoughtful to give a small token as a sign of appreciation for the dedicated hours our amazing teachers put into our children every day. And hand on heart, it’s probably the most deserving gift on our Christmas list!

If you want an extra thoughtful gift then a homemade foodie seasonal gift might be the perfect option.  It’s something your teacher can use over Christmas, is totally delicious and your kids can help you make. Why not try one of our 3 foodie gifts in a jar options: Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies, Red Onion Marmalade and Homemade Basil Pesto.

If cooking is not your thing then we have rounded up our top Christmas gifts for teachers that won’t cost the earth. Adding a personalised name also shows you put a bit of thought into it too.  And may even put you top of the class 😉

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

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