So you’re all set with your three course Valentines Day menu, now it’s time to get the wine & Champagne right. That’s why we asked our local wine enthusiast, Tori Locke,  to share her most romantic wines for Valentines Day to complement each of our valentines courses.  Over to Tori …


“I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, a bold statement I know!  It’s a day where you are expected to be romantic; where the flowers are all a bit wilty, everything is heart shaped, restaurants charge double for aphrodisiac set menus and cram everyone in just a little too close.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate or enjoy romance, it’s just the forced and rather overpriced nature of the whole day that makes me a little resentful.

I prefer instead, to stay at home, cook a delicious meal and drink some fabulous wine with a cheery bunch of daffodils adorning the table.  Thankfully this year I don’t even have to think about planning a menu, the Morello team have done a wonderful job of that already.  Affording me more time to focus on the wines I will be serving, along with an I-can-dream romantic wine that would make a perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!


Morello’s wonderful starter of roasted vegetable & crumbled feta tartlet deserves an equally wonderful wine. We need one that will stand up to the salty acidic cheese.  For this I have chosen the Tohu single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (£14.99 Ocado).   Tohu is the first Maori owned wine company in New Zealand.  Tohu make exceptional wines, reflective of the region and demonstrative of the bold flavours we associate with New Zealand but with a more graceful finish.


Main course

For the main course of fillet steak and those moreish spiced wedges I have two options up my sleeve!  First off,  for lovers of red wine I have chosen the aptly named Two Hands Sexy Beast (£18.99 Majestic wines).  This full but smooth Australian Cabernet will compliment the steak beautifully, and the delicate tannins will ensure it doesn’t overpower the delicately spiced chips. It really is a sexy beast!  If red isn’t your thing then you really can’t go wrong with Chardonnay. There are so many to choose from but I would recommend the Sainsbury’s Taste the Different Limoux Chardonnay (£9) Made by renowned wine maker Paul Mas, this is a rich and toasty Chardonnay from Southern France that drinks beautifully alone or even better with Steak and chips!


Decadent Pudding

Ending it all on a high note is the decadent chocolate mousse à deux. I’m drooling a little just thinking about it!  This would work wonderfully with the champagne if you’ve managed to have any left over (no I didn’t think you would!). Alternatively a small glass of Chambord black raspberry liqueur (£6) over ice would be a devastatingly good end to a perfect meal.

So, the menu is sorted, the wine selected, all that is left to worry about is a token of love for your significant other.  It’s a little more than a token but I’ll be hoping for a bottle of Chateau Calon-Ségur 2000 (£150 Connaught Cellars) .  It isn’t available on their website but don’t worry, it is in stock and you just need to call Connaught Cellars directly to order.  This is a stunning Bordeaux from the St Esteph region, powerful but full of finesse.  The Marquis de Segur once reportedly exclaimed that his heart belonged to Calon, evidenced by the love heart on the label.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines, whether with someone you love or with good friends, cheers!


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