You may still not be ready to eat like a pig but believe us when we say that Bacon Jam is worth breaking ANY diet for. This delicious savoury jam laden with sweet, spicy notes is literally the perfect foil for practically any dish – the possibilities are endless!

This quirky recipe is a perfect addition to your condiment cupboard and will jazz anything up to top tasting levels.

Spread it thickly on chunks of cheese and toast, add as a relish to good old burger or drip it over a healthy avocado wrap. It pretty much accompanies anything whether a simple baked potato or a fancy starter of shellfish. You can not go wrong.

Eat17, the cool East London eatery do a fabulous range of savoury jams including Bacon Jam. Our favourite is the Chilli Bacon Jam which adds a little extra heat. Another one to point out is its Chorizo jam which is suitably spicy.  Both are now available as part of a wider range from Waitrose and Tesco. RRP: £2.99

Or if you fancy making your own, see our easy peasy version of this insanely delicious treat in BITE; recipes.