2016 was the year of hygge, the Danish trend of just being and enjoying the moment. We found ourselves wrapped in cashmere throws, wearing oversized knitwear and sipping marshmallow laden hot chocolate in front of roaring fires. It was the year of bliss and indulgence. Every newspaper had a weekend supplement highlighting hygge and magazines were awash with the trend. And thanks to the infinite number of Instagram and Pinterest posts we knew exactly how to recreate the mood and more importantly how to pronounce hygee with with confidence (‘hue-guh’). We loved it because it allowed us to take pleasure in the everyday rituals either by ourselves or with loved ones – and not feel guilty about slowing down. In fact the trend was so popular it even made it into the Collins dictionary. Well, that may just have jinxed it.

If however you, like many others, were totally over this trend and would rather poke pins in your eyes than to sit in a fairy lit room with scented candles then 2017 is the year for you. Enter Lagom: hygge’s Swedish cousin and the trend set to change our way of living. It’s concept of ‘Lagom är bäst’, roughly translates as ‘not too much, not too little’ is all about taking a holistic overview of your life. Where hygge captures a feeling, lagom is more an ethos or way of living by moderation. It’s about not giving up what you love but making small changes to help live a healthier and more sustainable life and saving money in the process. It’s not exactly new news as most of us have been making product or lifestyle choices to be more environmentally conscious but there is a lot to be said to reflect on the excesses of our lives to create more balance.

How to live a Lagom life Unsprisingly Ikea are hot off the mark and have invested hugely in their Live Lagom project. Their aim is to help and guide households to put this sustainability ethos into practice through their tips and specifically designed products. So what can you do at home to welcome Lagom into your life?

Switch to LED lights

Create your home grown kitchen

Consider a move to energy efficient induction cooking

Cook meals in advance and pop in freezer saving time and money

Be creative with leftover food to reduce waste. e.g. compost heap

Eat healthy. Be active.

Use less power. e.g. Use an airing rack instead of the dryer

Be creative in how to retain heat within your house with draught excluders etc

Is Lagom a fad or here to stay?
According to the BBC , the word ‘lagom’ has been googled and tweeted more than 13,500 times in the past three months and predictions are it will be the big 2017 trend that we all subscribe to. Expect to see a barrage of lagom focused products from skin care brands, clothing and furniture with the promise of making your life easier, more enjoyable whilst saving your pennies for something else more worthwhile. It will be interesting to see how this ethos will come to market to meet our needs without feeling cold and frugal. While living a more conscientious lifestyle is a mindset we should all adopt and in turn become lifetime habits we can pass on to our children, we can’t help but feel a lack of excitement for this new trend. Put it this way creating a kitchen herb garden is a fun way of becoming a lagamor but we won’t be timing our showers anytime soon! We’ll be watching this space keenly but if you’re looking for us we’ll be the ones under a cosy throw with our bobble hats on!