The Cam Combo was an entirely accidental discovery in a movie theatre years ago where salted popcorn and Maltesers collided. This melt in your mouth taste is sensational although some purist friends first scoffed at the idea. It has now been affectionately named the ‘Cam Combo’ and is a definite must-have for movie nights or a nibble with a glass of wine. But don’t even think about other confectionery alternatives as they won’t taste half as good. Believe us, we’ve tried.  And just to note: this is a salted popcorn only combo!

To put it to the test follow these not very tricky steps:

  1. Empty large bag of salted popcorn (we love Tyrells posh salted popcorn) into a bowl.
  2. Artistically dump an entire bag of Maltesers on top (family size, extra family size even better!).
  3. Apply to mouth. Close eyes. Enjoy.
  4. Upon tasting this sweet sensation for the first time, you will be forgiven if you hoard it all to yourself!