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Perfect Stocking Filler Books

There is nothing quite as thoughtful or personal as a gift of a book at Christmas time. Whether it’s as a surprise stocking filler or a gift for a friend, our cherry picked favourites should give you lots of inspiration.  If you are looking for a nail biting psychological thriller or a feel good book to curl up in front of the fire with, there are some great newly published titles to choose from.  Happy reading!   Fiction Beneath the Surface by Heidi Perks This #1 Amazon best seller has wonderfully crafted characters and a very gripping plot. When...

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September is the ‘new’ New Year

Having some time out over the Summer holidays has been very therapeutic when the never ending school routine took a backseat for a while. But we must admit the carefree Summer vibe we had carefully cultivated quickly unravelled in the chaos of back to school admin. Could we possibly be treading water already without stopping to enjoy the new beginnings?  Chatting to Sophie Morris, our wellbeing and lifestyle coach, we managed to gain a whole new perspective and she is here to tell you how to get the most out of September. Stop feeling like life is happening to...

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Prioritising: Making Time for What’s Important to You

Does it feel like you are rushed of your feet with scarcely a moment to pause? How can you slow things down and fit in more of what you want to do in 3 easy steps? Identify your Priorities It is easy to fall into a routine of doing, doing, doing. Spend some time thinking about what is important to you: family, work, exercise, money, friends, study, health, helping others, love, hobbies. Remember there are no wrong answers here. Once you have a clear list of priorities, compare it to where those things sit in your life at the...

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Top 7 Books for Summer Reading

We can’t think of anything more relaxing than lying poolside with a real page turner in one hand and an ice cold drink in the other. Roll on the holidays! But dreaming aside we thought we might help plan your Summer reading before you jet off far and wide. This list has, in part, taken inspiration from our amazing local book club. Aptly named The Jane Austin Book Club. It, and our friendships,  have been going strong for three years now.  Peppered in between some hot of the shelf new releases are some of our group favourites which we...

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10 Books About Fathers We Should All Read

To commemorate this year’s Father’s Day, here are Morello Life’s  top ten books about Fathers. These range from the ultimate classics to contemporary fiction and a few kids favourites throw in for good measure. If you are an avid reader, there is a strong possibility you may have already read most of them and if so, well done you.  If you haven’t read them, these are the ones we would heartily suggest to add to your reading list. We unashamedly dedicate this list to our own fathers, Andrew and Fergus. 1. King Lear by William Shakespeare This has to be the text about...

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