We have been busy dusting down our garden furniture an unfurling the parasols in anticipation of some Summer al fresco dining.  Now more than ever we think of our gardens as an extension of our homes and the trend is growing in creating an ‘outdoor room’ – a garden room that brings the inside, outside. Its easier than you think to carve out a beautiful and inviting living space outdoors.  In fact we are only limited by our imaginations.  If there is just one garden project you should consider this Summer then this is it.

To help get you started, we have compiled our key tips below to create your own personal outdoor room. MiaFleur, our home interiors crush this month, has lots of eclectic and fun garden furniture and accessories to inspire you. MiaFleur are a Leicester based online boutique run by Jacqui and her two daughters Amelia & Hollie. They sell a range of beautifully designed handmade products alongside carefully selected furniture and accessories from British designers. We love their ‘do it your own way’ take on home interior because it is so refreshing and approachable. To help inspire you we have cherry picked some of our favourite items from their outdoor room range. To see their full garden collection click here.


Start by creating a list of what accessories and styles have inspired your interiors. Pick shapes, colours, textures and materials that give your home its unique character.  Your aim should be how to replicate this style in an outdoor environment. Search ‘outdoor garden’ on Pinterest for lots of visual stimulus.


At least one solid wall should anchor your outdoor room to your main house. This will help to create a physical & visual cohesion. If you have a harsh concrete or brick wall you can create a softer backdrop using screens or bamboo fencing.  This Summer you can plant a fragrant creeper along an exposed wall or screen so that it will start to mature for next year.


Lighting plays a key role in creating the mood to while away the night outdoors. Opt for table lanterns (MiaFleur have beautiful brass ones) fairy lights, night lights in jars placed on a steps or hung from a tree to create a magical ambience. If you have an outdoor electrical socket there there is now a wide variety of permanent outdoor lighting available to you. If space permits, consider including a fire pit as part of your plan for the ultimate in outdoor ambience.


Be mindful of choosing accessories that are weatherproof but it shouldn’t curb your enthusiasm. Use mirrors, urns, tableware, floor rugs (MiaFleur told us that their outdoor rug – pictured – has literally been flying out since it was recently launched) to create your own personal look.  Take a colour cue from something that inspires you in your garden and choose cushions or throws in a similar palette. Have fun, make it vibrant.


With so much choice for garden furniture be sure to choose something that will resist the ravages of the weather. We love 4 Seasons Outdoor because as the name suggests you can simply leave the furniture out all year round. Their wicker range is such beautiful quality. Also zoning your outdoor space creates different places to relax and sit during the day. If you have early morning sun in a particular corner consider a bistro table and chairs for your morning coffee.  Mix and match seating for an eclectic look.  You may already have tired bits of wooden furniture that just need a sand and a lick of paint which could fit into your scheme.


Create depth and colour with plants and flowers around your outdoor space. Think outside the flower box when displaying them: use old teacups, wheelbarrows, crates or anything unusual to create interest. If you totally want to cheat & reduce your maintenance to zero here is a range of faux plants – we won’t tell!


To keep your outdoor room looking tip top make sure you have somewhere waterproof to store your accessories on a rainy day. Biohort have a great quality range.