We are ALWAYS getting asked about ideas for kids teas which is why we created our new Kids Food recipes.

One major tip with kids is to push the boundaries and also to be creative! Just because they say they want chicken nuggets every day is NOT a reason to give them a ‘basic bitch’ diet. Go wild. Experiment. Give them curry, chinese noodles, fresh fish, steak, sushi, dim sum etc. Make them eat what you eat and remember it takes approximately 12 times for kids to appreciate a taste.

If all else fails then we are true advocates of being creative. After all, there is practically nothing a little cutter can’t transform into an undeniably delicious dish. For some bizarre reason – kids seem to eat almost anything if it is cut into a fun shape. Don’t like wraps – then you can bet their cute (!!) little faces that they will eat them if they look like a stupid cute animal. Now we are not advocating spend hours creating these dishes but it is true to say that a little star shaped triangle or monkey shaped cheese slice will help the food go down.

Obviously Valentine’s Day lends itself to hearts so we went heart crazy with heart shaped sandwich, heart shaped cheese, heart shaped biscuits and heart shaped strawberries. The endless choice of themes can keep you busy all year so if you don’t have any already then we recommend you all buy a set of fun cookie cutters. Go forth and cut it. 

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