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Décor Books – the instant library to enhance your decor

Do you have one of those mismatched, unruly bookshelves that makes you wince every time you walk past? It’s probably full of books you have no interest in reading and adds little to your decor scheme.  We’re with you. In fact it’s on our bucket list to colour code our book shelves and arrange them all in height order. Alphabetically and chronologically of course. Ok so that’s never really going to happen but that is why we were really intrigued to hear about Décor Books. They are specialists in Antique books that create instant libraries from home to retail. They have supplied hotels, interior designers, photographers and museums all over the UK and internationally.

How it started

Lauren Giles, the founder of Décor Books, has a long-standing love of books. A few years ago, she noticed the company she worked for regularly threw old books away – some over 200 years old – and was so sad to know they were just going to be pulped for recycling. She knew there must be a better way to use them and so bought a few books and sold them on eBay. Friends wanted them and things gathered momentum and from there Décor Books was started.

How it works

In a nutshell,  you choose the type of library you want and they create it for you. Décor Books offer a varied range of antique, vintage or modern books, by the metre, to fill the largest of libraries or the smallest of shelves. The books date from 200 years old to modern titles.  The range includes a huge breath of genre, colours and specific sizes.  With a choice of bindings from cloth, leather & paperback, there isn’t a bookshelf vision they cannot create. Order by the metre or the handful as there is no minimum or maximum order. In fact they wouldn’t be phased if you need a literal ton of books!

What kind of books can you buy?

Choose from genuine or imitation books: leather bound, Penguin vintage classics, the newly launched vellum covered books, retro coffee table books to name but a few.  And yes, the antique books are really the genuine article with books ranging from 1820 but no later than 1925. For a more contemporary library the vintage books (1925 upwards) might be your ticket. Rest assured they are carefully quality and condition checked before approval.  We love them because the possibilities are literally endless. From creating a capsule collection of vintage childrens books and a new addition to the range are hand covered books that can be custom matched to your decor to create a real wow factor in any room.

If you don’t know where to start you can send an image of the space or a colour palette to show the look you are trying to achieve. Décor Books can then match the books to harmonise with your interior scheme.

What if you don’t have space for a real library?

Fear not. There is a range of imitation (shallow depth false panel books) to create a bit of theatre to a door or a nook and cranny in a room. And to hold a secret of all secrets Décor Books offer a secret safe book that will blend in seamlessly with any library. They even have an option to personalise the secret book title. Ooh now we know where to put that special vault key. We feel a 007 moment coming on.

So if you are redecorating a room from scratch this season or even just sprucing one up, you should definitely add a touch of Décor Books to the mix. Prices start at £29 per metre including delivery.  Scroll down to read some of Lauren’s tips on using books in your interior design.

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Clockwise from top L(prices per metre): Mixed vintage collection £33/m, Antique leather books £49.99/m, Vintage Penguin/Pelican collection £55/m, Secret Safe Book £139.99, Vellum range £149.99/m, fabric covered book sets from £29.99/m