The Rice cube is our latest find and we can’t express how much we LOVE it!


The Rice Cube is an ingenious invention designed to create seriously sophisticated sushi-style snacks.

I’m sure not many of you make your own Sushi (if you are maybe in the wrong place as we are all about inspiration and short cuts). However, if not (e.g. you’re normal) now you can, as this award-winning gadget squashes ingredients into perfect bite-sized cubes.


Using plain cooked rice, or any rice you prefer (although Jasmine rice is the naturally sticky type so this works the best) you simply fill, press and lift the sides to release the cube. It is so simple that children will love using it too and will love making their own healthy snacks including raspberry or mango sushi.


You’ll be a sushi master in no time!


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You are only limited by your imagination so mix and match your favourite flavours and experiment away.

It also makes stunning canapés if you are planning a party.  Left over risotto rice, placed in the fridge overnight makes the best canapes.

Apparently, you can press almost any food that will bind together such as potato, polenta, cous cous, mince, grated soft cheese, lentils, dates and apricots, fudge, brownies and even cookie dough… now there’s a thought.

If you think the Rice Cube rocks then you’ll also love the Rice Ball which is just as quick to make perfect 4cm balls. These are also perfect for making popular dishes like Arancini and Protein Balls.

Food safe and easy to clean, they are both made from durable 100% recyclable plastic. The cube retails at only £12.95, The Rice Ball is £9.95 but if you want to go completely rice crazy you can buy both for only £19.99. Each product comes with simple step by step instructions and a video demonstration is available online. You can buy your Rice Cube or your Rice Ball here.

You’ll be a sushi master in no time.