No Christmas lunch is complete without a glorious dish of rich cranberry sauce to go with your turkey. If you thought making homemade cranberry sauce is too time consuming then think again. You’ll have it in a jar in 30 mins tops. It’s actually something you can plan a week or two in advance as it keeps in the fridge for about 10 days. But if you want to get it off your checklist even earlier then pop it into an air tight container and freeze (once cooled). It can be frozen up to two months in advance.

What You’ll Need

1 packet of fresh cranberries (300g)
Juice of 2 ripe oranges
2 tablespoons of redcurrant jelly (you’ll find this in the relish / chutney section usually)
150ml (1/4 pt) ruby port
50g caster sugar


  1. Put the washed cranberries into a saucepan with the orange juice and bring to a gentle simmer.
  2. Add the redcurrant jelly and port. Cook gently for approximately 15-20 mins until all the cranberries have burst and the sauce looks glossy.
  3. Add the sugar to taste and stir until dissolved.
  4. When cool store in a jar and refrigerate.


Top Tip: If the sauce is too runny then cook for a bit longer to evaporate some of the liquid without making it thick and jammy.