Get ready to sweat! Our sassy sportswear edit should have you hitting the gym or pounding the sidewalks in style. Gone are the days of being content with throwing on any old ripped t-shirt for your HIIT class. Nope, we want figure hugging silhouettes that extenuate our best parts (and suck in our worst). But of course comfort is a top priority – no one wants wardrobe malfunctions in the middle of downward dog.

When it comes to your sportswear wardrobe, it’s really worth investing in a couple of good quality pieces (despite the high end price tag) because they really will stand the test of time. You can also mix and match them with more every day cheaper tanks and sweaters.  So whatever exercise you are throwing your trainers on for this week, step out with confidence and nail it.  Oh and make sure to keep hydrated!

Here is our sassy sportswear edit