Honestly this isn’t really a recipe but we think it’s a clever light alternative to making pancakes in the morning. Plus it’s far less faff. This is basically a quesadilla style sandwich with whatever filling you like but Nutella and banana is most certainly a winner in our houses. A friend of ours recently introduced us to these quesadillas using grated cheese and thin chorizo slices melted and we were hooked. So mix and match your fillings for a tasty snack anytime of the day.

What You’ll Need for Nutella and banana quesadillas

  • Bag flour tortillas
  • Bananas
  • Nutella


  1. Smear nutella on one side of a tortilla wrap.
  2. Heat a little oil on a pan and place tortilla on top.
  3. Slice some bananas on top or just add them on top afterwards (as per our pic)
  4. Ramp up to a medium to high heat and wait until the tortilla is crispy on one side, but not burnt.
  5. Flip over and crisp the other side.
  6. Slice with a pizza cutter and serve. Enjoy.