In the spirit of Easter and to celebrate the humble egg, we have pulled together our ultimate accessories for egg lovers everywhere. If have a penchant for a handy gadget or an amusing novelty or just really, really love eggs, here are our cherry picked egg-cessories to make you go dippy.

The Egg Topper

One of our favourite kitchen gadgets EVER – this handy little contraption will remove the top of your egg easily leaving a nice sharp line.  No more spitting out egg peel. You need one of these.

The Novelty Egg Cup

Anyone interesting has a novelty egg cup or more. You can either go stylish and designer aka Emma Bridgewater or cool & kitch. We, obviously like kitch, Don’t want to be boring do we?

Poach ‘Em

We’ve never quite mastered the swirling water approach so these little silicone poaches take all the stress out of the process leaving you with a perfectly poached egg.

Shapes and Japes

Who doesn’t want their fried egg in the shape of a man or a star? What’s wrong with you? So much fun to be had with these and will also encourage any little eaters to gobble up.

Egg Separator

We all know you can buy egg whites in a carton now (and boy do we love these) but for when you need both the yolk and the white then this fun contraption will help you out.

Egg Cuber

Now, we’re not exactly sure that you need this but we thought it must be fun to see a square egg?

Egg Timer

Once you have one of these, we can safely say that you will wonder what you ever did without it. No more stop watch or trying to remember when you popped them in to the water. Just wait for the timer to change colour to medium and you will have a perfect boiled egg. You can also choose to have them soft or hard. Egg-cellent addition to the kitchen and a must-have.

This is our Morello Life Cherry Pick for Sure.

An Egg Cook Book.

Probably one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet, this fabulous Egg Cook Book will give you plenty of inspiration for egg-citing recipes. (sorry over egg-ing the puns we know..)

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