Our consultant Chinese Medicine expert, Helen Attwooll, is here to give you some top tips to feel vital and lift your spirits this Spring.

After the long dark Winter we feel more than ready to welcome the energy and mood of Spring. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Spring is a Yang time of year where energy starts to rise and move outwards. We see this in nature as days become longer, lighter and warmer, we notice birds chirping and see buds bursting forth on trees and fresh green shoots rising from the earth. This burst of fresh energy often leaves us feeling happier and more energetic.

Spring in Chinese Medicine is therefore a time of renewal and inspiration and an ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation for both mental and physical health. In Chinese Medicine, Spring is represented by the wood element and this relates to the liver and gallbladder.

According to this philosophy, the liver and gallbladder are responsible for the smooth flow of energy around the body. If these organs are out of balance, we can suffer from digestive and gynaecological issues, headaches and hay fever and especially insomnia, stress and anxiety.  Acupuncture can help to resolve these issues as it focuses on keeping the whole body in balance so that the energy of the organs flows with the seasons. Acupuncture in combination with tailored dietary and small lifestyle changes will help improve your health and wellbeing and enable you to move into Spring with a bounce in a your step.

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Top Tips to Feel Vital This Spring

Drink plenty of water and herbal tea
Enjoy eating fresh green foods
Avoid alcohol, coffee and red meat
Avoid greasy, rich or overly spiced foods
Start regular juicing routine
Yoga and Tai Chi will help your flow
A course of Acupuncture will boost your energy