Have you ever seen anyone receive a bunch of beautiful flowers without a beaming smile on their face? That’s because flowers trigger happy emotions, engage our senses and have the ability to instantly lift our mood. These days flowers are not just for special occasions as we like to have these sweet smelling beauties in our homes all the time ‘just because’. Many of us can’t justify the high costs of a weekly florist or let’s be honest supermarket flowers sometimes simply just don’t cut it. We hadn’t even thought there was an alternative until we heard about Freddie’s Flowers –  the Abel & Cole of the flower industry.

When you sign up with Freddie’s Flowers you receive beautiful arrangements of flowers, hand delivered to your doorstep. You choose how often you would like it to be delivered, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It couldn’t be easier. To add an element of difference, for each delivery the arrangement is a delicious surprise.  And if you really can’t stand the suspense you can check the spoiler for the following week on their website. At around £20 per arrangement it offers way better value for money than a florist, minus the hassle of choosing the flowers yourself.  If you are away on holiday you can also pause your delivery and you can cancel your sign up at any time – you aren’t tied in. It all sounds blooming marvellous to us!

The great news is that when you sign up to give it a trial, Freddie’s Flowers are giving Morello readers their first box of flowers absolutely free! All you need to do is use the code MORELLOLIFE1 when you sign up.


Having grown up surrounded by flowers, Freddie Garland (really, that’s his real name) knew flowers were in his blood. His parents owned a florist in Pimlico so his love for flowers was cultivated from a young age. He used to deliver fruit & veg for Abel & Cole and got to thinking that the same concept could work just as well with flowers. He started out with a milk float, some cardboard boxes and a makeshift tent in his back garden! The milk float broke down, the tent flew away but he managed to make it work alongside his mum and trusty dog Claude for company. And so Freddie’s Flowers was born in 2014.

Just a glance at his website captures his love and enthusiasm for flowers and how he wants to share his knowledge and flair. His website and blog is bursting with bright ideas on how to use flowers to make your home look lovely, information about this weeks flowers,  7 of the most flowerful places in London to visit.  Amongst other things he offeres a great insight about knowing your flowers.

“Flower arranging is one of the oldest arts around” according to Freddie “It’s meditative and when the box arrives you have 20 minutes of peace out of a busy day to take out a flower, read about it, care for it”.


  • Freddie’s Flowers come unarranged in a metre long presentation box so you get to be creative with the arrangement
  • Each delivery includes  fun & easy arrangement tips.
  • The arrangements change every week so there is always a new surprise to look forward to.
  • Their style is natural with a bit of a wild twist
  • It costs £20 per week and you can cancel it if you are away or on holidays
  • You aren’t tied in to a set time period when you sign up

I absolutely love Freddie’s Flowers! I get so excited at the prospect of a new delivery that it stops me sleeping

Terence Stamp (Actor)