The sun is finally coming out which means it’s time to kick off our heavy boots and don our favourite flip flops. But are your feet really pedi ready after a long winter tucked inside woolly socks?  Chances are you’ll need to do a bit of prep before you can confidently dip your toes into the British sunshine.  Go on, give your feet some TLC and get yourself some baby soft soles – here’s how.

5 Steps to be Pedi Ready

Pedi Step 1: Soak & Prep

Before exfoliating, your feet would benefit from a good soak to help relieve aches or tiredness. Epsom salts are great way to ease the tension (for your feet or the rest of your body for that matter). Just add a measure to a basin of warm water and sit back and relax. Alternatively try Nature’s Responses Tea Tree soak with aloe vera and witch hazel for a bit of foot revival.

If your toe nails have yellowed over the winter from layers of nail polish or bruised from kicking a football around (ok, clearly not us but..)  then fear not because there are some simple home remedies at hand. Some people swear by using lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil or even whitening toothpaste to get rid of the discolouration.  If the DIY option isn’t your bag then try Bella Azul’s Nail Treatment oil with argan, tea tree and vitamin E, which can even be used over nail polish!

Pedi Step 2: Exfoliate

Here’s the slightly unglamorous side of your pedicure but is easy with some gadget magic. There are a few ways of getting those hard, calloused, dry patches as smooth as a baby’s posterior. First off, if you religiously take a pumice stone to your feet after your bath (hmm.. not us either) then you are probably good to go already. If not you may have a little work to do.

If you haven’t already heard of foot mask socks then you are going to be either totally grossed out or very intrigued. These socks (like little plastic bags) are applied to your feet, taped up and then left on for about an hour. You won’t see any immediate changes but over the next 3-10 days the skin on the soles of your feet will peel and exfoliate, shedding that hard calloused skin to leave you with beautiful soft paws. Snake shedding all of a sudden sounds vaguely appealing.

An alternative quick and easy exfoliation method is by using an electronic pedi skin remover. We love the Scholl Velvet Smooth one as it is so simple to use and has different grades of coarseness on the sanding wheels.

If you suffer from cracked or dry heels then this Dermatonics Once Heel Balm is am-azing! Put a small amount on your heels every night before bed (works for the rest of your feet too) and you will notice the results after a week or so.  The great thing is that it’s not very greasy either.

Pedi Step 3: Get your nails ship shape

We give our fingernails so much love and attention throughout the year but we often don’t share the love with our toenails. Get them ship shape by cutting, filing and looking after your cuticles.

Top on our pedi list is a proper nail file and you can’t get better than Leighton Denny’s Crystal nail file (1000+ Amazon reviews can’t be wrong). This nail file is durable enough to be used on hands and feet and is great for filing down long or ragged nails.

If you have ridges on your toe nails then the a good buff and polish will smooth them out and bring them back to their former glory. The Scholl Electronic Nail Care system is the best one to have in your arsenal.

Pedi Step 4: Moisturise

We know we should moisturise our feet more but it always seems like such a faff.  Who wants to moisturise their feet to realise you need to cross the carpet and pick up a whole host of crumbs and hairs on your feet. ugh. The easiest time to do it is before bed, every night if you can or at least 2-3 times a week.  Wear socks in bed after your moisturise if you need to. One of our favourite creams is Aveda Foot Relief £20. It has a light fragrance and is easily absorbed into the skin so no sticky feet.

Now before you get onto choosing your nail colour make sure to get those cuticles healthy with a couple of drops of cuticle oil. We rate L’Occitane’s Shea Nail & Cuticle nourishing oil. Add this to your moisturising routine.

Pedi Step 5: Polish

So your feet are primed for the final step – colour! First off get yourself a good base coat as it helps the top coat adhere. Make sure to apply thin coats of paint as it dries faster and you have less chance of getting gloopy smudges in your polish.  Use a toenail separator – these flower ones are so pretty.

Now you’re ready to get your pins out this Summer!

Top tips for pedi happy feet

  • Allow you nails to have a breather between nail pedicures as this helps avoid fungal infections and if you can bear it go nail polish free over winter.
  • Don’t cut back your cuticles. Ever.
  • Contour your toe nail trim to the shape of the toe.
  • Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row to avoid bad odours (they need time to dry out)
  • Never mositurise between your toes.
  • never saw your nails back and forth with a nail file – one direction only.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the dead skin under your toenails.