So this hack may veer on the compulsive obsessive side but trust us, it is the holiday hack from heaven.  This one was devised by one of us (we’ll name no names) for last Summers holidays. It was helpfully greeted with eye rolls and snickering.  The whole premise behind it was to allow the entire family (and we are talking about adults here too) to take personal responsibility for finding key items. The objective was to rid the phrase ‘where’s the…?’ from the entire holiday. But also to dispel the notion that we somehow magically know where everything is ALL of the time. Even though we mostly do.

Enter the ‘it’s-labelled-you-can’t-blooming-miss-it’ holiday hack. You need to get yourself some transparent (key requirement) zippy bags. The ones pictured were an Ebay purchase but you can find similar in Boots. Decide what the categories you will need to make sure everyone in your family can grasp. i.e. so they can work out each bags contents and  you will not need to be disturbed for clarification. Label them (WH Smith sell lots of colourful labels) and then fill to your hearts content.

We chose four categories for demonstration purposes (which is co-incidentally one job of the holiday to do list!) but these can be amended to suit your lifestyle.

Planes, trains & automobiles:

Lots of the obvious things you need on en route: passports, cleansing wipes, tissues, ear plugs, twin headphone adapter (plug them into the same movie with two sets of headphones). Hand gel (you can never have enough) and a couple of snacks. In fact last year we had a bag just for ‘snacks’ (maybe a bit OTT).

Pharmacy 24/7

This includes items such as savlon, paracetamol, allergy tablets, arnica, thermometer, plasters, nail clippers, burn cream.

Entertain me

Totally wish this included shot glasses and a mini bottle of tequila however the contents include playing cards, Rory’s story cubes (amazing for imaginative storytelling), crayons, top trumps, go fish, scissors, paper, pens & pencils, sharpener, figet spinners (aim is accidentally lose these in transit).

On the go

Anything you might require during the day. We included mini sun creams, pen, tissues, wipes, sunglasses, antibacterial hand gel, hair bobbins and clips, SPF lip balm, some local currency. Also mossy spray and bite cream are handy.

Although you might scoff at this idea but believe us it won’t be for long.  Because whilst lying back on the lounger reading your best holiday read you can observe responsibility been taken in real time!  Quite the phenomenon really.

And just in case you wondered the adult cynics were handing over compliments by the end of the holiday!