Healthy Mini BLT’s

Healthy Mini BLT’s

BLT. Bacon Lettuce Tomato. The British standard for the most delicious triumvirate combination of ingredients ever but it has to be exactly right. There can be no messing. It has to be crispy, salty bacon. The lettuce has to be fresh, ice-cold, Iceberg lettuce and the tomato has to be ripe and flavoursome. 

This is our favorite sandwich and so we imagined a healthier, smaller version and our healthy mini BLT was born.

Just a warning though, these go so fast we would recommend making 3 x as many as think you need. You will still have none left.


What You Need

Tip: Make triple every time because they will be gone in a flash

If you fancy the mini but less of the healthy these can be done in dough balls for a more authentic taste on the classic. Just divide the dough ball and put the ingredients in, squish together and devour. 

For the mini BLT

  • You’ll Need

    • Cocktail Sticks
    • 1 packet of good quality smoked bacon
    • A spoonful of Maple Syrup
    • Crisp Iceberg Lettuce
    • Mini Cherry tomatoes (or dough balls for a less healthy version) 

    To Dip

    • Mayonnaise with a splodge of English Mustard mixed together


What You Do

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180°.
  2. Lay bacon on a baking tray and gently brush with maple syrup.
  3. Cut small chunks of iceberg lettuce, enough to give a good crunch but not too much so that it won’t fit on a cocktail stick.
  4. Half the cherry tomatoes. Season with sea salt and pepper.
  5. When bacon is cooked, leave to cool and cut into inch long pieces.
  6. Take 2/3 pieces of bacon and layer with the iceberg lettuce within the two sides of the tomato.
  7. Serve the dip on the side to your mini BLT’s or if you are using the dough balls, divide and place inside.
  8. Devour.