Create a flavour overload for your next glass or carafe of water with this simple five minute ice cube hack.  Experiment with any fruit or vegetable- we used mint, lemon, lime, cucumber and a mixture of frozen fruit but try seasonal berries, kiwi fruit or even herbs. These ice cubes are effortless but look so chic!


1. Using a jug fill the individual cases of a muffin tin half full with water. Or for small cubes just use an ice cube tray – the silicon ones are great as you can buy them with different ice shapes.

2. Cut up slice of your preferred fruit or vegetable or mix some together (a slice of lemon and lime works really well) and pop into each section pod.

3. Freeze for at least four hours or overnight if you can.

4. Run a little warm water over the top of the tray to help release the pods.

5. Use immediately or fill a resealable bag and place back into the freezer to use anytime.

Once you’ve made these, a plain old ice cube just won’t cut it next time!






These ice cubes are effortless but look so chic.  The fruit or herb combinations are endless to add an extra touch of glamour to your water carafe