Homemade Lemonade tastes like childhood. Sweet, unadulterated and refreshing.

It is incredibly simple to make, and takes minutes and yet adds the perfect flair to a sunny day playing in the garden. This scrumptious concoction is much better for you than a bought plastic bottle full of chemicals and so, so satisfying to make.

Homemade Lemonade is definitely like sunshine in a glass. Happy Days.

You Will Need

  • 4 unwaxed lemons
  • 150g golden or normal caster sugar
  • 1 cup of boiled water (hot)
  • Ice cubes or crushed Ice
  • A couple of Bottles of fizzy water

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

What To Do

  1. Place the hot water, sugar and lemon juice in a pan and heat until dissolved.
  2. Blitz 2 of the squeezed lemons in a food processor/blender with some of the crushed ice and a splash of water until a creamy lemon consistency.
  3. Now you have a choice, if you like it very lemony and don’t mind ‘bits’ like orange juice then mix it in a large jug with a bottle of water. If you prefer your homemade lemonade ‘without bits’ then strain before adding and discard any large bits.
  4. Serve with lots of Ice cubes.