Have you created your Christmas Eve Box yet? We are all about creating family Christmas traditions that create lasting memories. Whether you gobble mince pies and mulled wine whilst putting the tree up or play charades every Christmas Eve there are traditions we grow up with or we create.

If you haven’t already started a traditional Christmas Eve box then this is the perfect place to start. Every year we fill a box full of goodies that we open after the local carol service (and the obligatory swifty to the local pub) with all the family.  An open fire, a festive playlist in the background , it doesn’t get more festive than that.

What should you fill your box with?

A Christmas Eve box is generally filled with all sorts of treats for the whole family to enjoy and make the night extra special.  Fill your box with just about anything from Christmas PJs, cosy socks, games, chocolates, toys or a DVD. We’ve drawn up a list of our favourite items below for inspiration.  It’s such a simple and easy thing to do and it’s not just for kids (as you can see from the Moet bottle peeking out of ours!)

What Box should you use?

You can use anything really from a big cardboard box (wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper), an old crate that you can decorate with baubles or cheat a little like we did and buy one (ours is from Home Sense).