We love the Summer but we’re not massive fans of the havoc it can play with our hair. We spend forever styling our tresses until they are smooth and silky only to become frizzy out-of-control barnets once we get into the sun or on the beach. But fear not, by following some of our tips below, you can swish your frizz free hair with confidence in the sun this Summer.

Shampoo & condition

By shampooing your hair every day you are in fact stripping the natural oils from you hair, thus increasing the likelihood of frizz. So give your hair a rest and shampoo every other day. If you are frizz prone then Pureology smooth perfection shampoo is definitely worth a try.

However you should never skip conditioning your hair. Apply conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends (this hair is the oldest and needs the additional protection and nutrients) and leave in for as long as possible before rinsing.   If you don’t have the patience for this consider a leave-in conditioner such as Kiehls Olive & Avocado leave in conditioner or  Palmer’s Coconut Oil.  Incidentally rinsing with the coolest water you can handle will also help avoid frizzy hair.

When drying your hair always gently scrunch dry with a towel to avoid damaging your hair cuticles.


Style & Protect

It’s tempting to reach for the straightening irons or curling tongs to get banish frizz but excessive use can really damage your hair. But we love our straighteners! If hair straighteners are your thing then use a heat protectant such as the award winning GHD Heat Protection Spray

After styling you may want to use a cream or serum to hold your style in place and minimise frizz action. Something we have recently learnt: if you have medium to thick hair a smoothing cream works best.  For fine or thin hair a serum does a better job of keeping those fly aways at bay- Reverie Milk Anti Frizz nourishing treatment is more than just a powerful frizz tamer.  When it comes to oils, our absolute favourite is The Body Source Argan Oil which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and you can use it not only on your hair but on your face and nails too.

Chop Chop

You’ll end up in a world of split ends if you don’t visit the salon for a regular trip every 8-10 weeks. If you don’t have the inclination to get the snip then it’s worth investing in a good split end remedy treatment such as Aveda’s Damage Remedy.


Blow Drying

Make sure to completely dry your hair with a hair dryer before you hit the off button.  If there is even a hint of moisture on the hair cuticle then it won’t lie flat. Hence the difference between a 20 minute salon blow dry and a 6 minute quickie at home.

When blow drying long hair always dry from the top to the ends as this helps keeps frizz to a minimum. And don’t forget to use the right tools for the job. We love a round boar bristle brush because it is gentle on the scalp, helps reduce drying time and helps distribute natural oils from the scalp all the way down the hair shaft. As an alternative to a leave-in conditioner the Keratase Last de Soie is a milk formula that you smooth on wet hair prior to blow drying for a smooth frizz free finish.

And make sure to click your dryer on a cool setting at the end to lock in your style.

On the Go

Sun, rain and humidity can play havoc on our tresses so it’s wise to protect your hair on the go. Use a tiny amount of coconut oil on your cuticle ends. This can help keep a pony tail sleek but also absorbs the conditioning benefits of the oil.

Before leaving the house use an anti humidity spray to repel any moisture. Space NK’s Oribe Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray does exactly what it says on the tin.

Also consider some chic but protective hair styles which not only keep your hair out of the elements but also to keep you cooler on hot days. We love elegant twists, braids and messy buns.

Quick fixes for frizz free hair

Carry a small sized serum in your handbag for emergency touch ups – we love the Aveda Smooth Infusion £7

Use a tumble dryer sheet from the roots down your hair to remove static build up

Try a couple of drops of olive or coconut oil to smooth down your hair or ends. Use sparingly.

Get a mini vial that you can dispense your favourite serum into, ready for on-the-go emergencies.