Our morning beauty and make-up routine should be a relaxed, enjoyable affair but in reality it’s a haphazard two minute job at the best of times, as we scramble to get out the front door. In fact perfection these days is having enough time to lay our hands on our favourite mascara, let alone get it on our lashes! We know that taking the time to sort out our dressing table would help but it always seems to be last on the priority list. That’s why we asked our friends at Please Organise Me, a professional organisation and decluttering company, to help us with their top tips to organise your make-up and beauty products at home and on the go.  We feel a sense of calm already! And so we hand you over to the experts …

Please Organise Me offers a bespoke organisation and decluttering service for busy people and businesses. It’s run by the lovely Rachel who has gathered a rather talented team that not only understand the pressures of juggling everyday life, but have made it their job to take away the stress and hassle of all those overwhelming jobs you hate. Whatever is bothering you, they’ve got a someone who can sort it. You could say they are like the fourth emergency service! A rather handy number to have in your phone.

At Please Organise Me, we’re all about taking the drama and hassle out of life but there is one exception to this rule, make-up. We love a dramatic lash or a big bold lippy. And what’s not to love about eyebrow arches. The one thing you can get into shape without exercise- hurrah!

But the drama needs to be in the look you’ve created not in trying to find that Chanel lipstick you know you bought and put in that “special place,” that now seems to be in Narnia!  So, this month we thought we’d tackle ‘How to organise your make-up so you can create fabulousness in a couple of minutes each morning!’

Here’s our top tips to organise your beauty products at home and on the go.

1) Choose your spot.

At home keep everything you think you may need in one place.  To some that’s a dressing table, to others the bathroom.  Let’s be honest, It’s usually where the light is best so you don’t end up looking like Patsy from Ab Fab after a big night out!  Our busy lives don’t give us enough time for foraging through loads of drawers and beautiful silk pouches.  Streamlining your beauty products and getting them under control so they’re quickly accessible, is what you are aiming for.

2) Tough questioning.

Once you’ve gathered everything up and got over the shock of owning half of Boots, then it’s time to be ruthlessly honest. Ask yourself, do you really need or even like half of what’s in front of you? Does it suit your skin tone anymore?  Ask yourself, “When was the last time you found yourself really needing that shimmering green eyeshadow?” Check the ‘Period after opening’ symbol (a pot with 12M or 6M which stands for 12 or 6 months). Smell it! Seriously, make up, like food, has an expiry date! If powder looks discoloured, cream has bubbles, or mascara smells musky or is clogged up, bung it in the bin.

Now you’ve said goodbye to what you don’t need, it’s time to store it in an accessible way so you’ll never lose another nail polish or lip liner again.

3) The clearest solutions.

A see through make up box with a set of clear drawers is the most functional option.  You can get them from MUJI. Use each drawer to store a different product category (ie. Lipsticks, blush, eye shadows, etc.) this helps you find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. If you want to get a little more creative and showy-offy(!), a tiered cake tray is a chic way of doing this without creating unnecessary clutter. You can also use empty containers or jars to store your make up brushes. But limit yourself to no more than a couple, or the clutter will creep back in!

Our personal favourite method (and one that keeps it all dust free, which is always a plus in our books), is using dividers or portable section trays that you can store in drawers or cupboards. You can then get them out easily, and put them back straight away when you are all made up. Another handy thing about the tray method is you can divide up your products into different categories according to how often you use the products. Ie. Everyday items, going out making a statement make up, and so on. This makes the tray method even more efficient and simple to use.

Voila! Congratulations, you’ve sorted your home stash in 3 easy steps.

As you’re on a roll, let’s tackle your make up bag. Go on you know you want to

1) Lighten your load.

We’ve all got enough to carry around without burdening ourselves even more.  If you can, apply most of your make up before you leave the house, so all you need to take with you is a touch up kit. Get rid of the primer, foundation, concealer and powder separates in favour of one product – in our eyes, literally, a lifesaver – a good concealer pen. Another top tip we have found for lightening our load, is if you use a primer in the morning this will keep your makeup lasting longer, so all you’ll need is a small application of translucent powder for touch-ups and perhaps a coat of lippy. Look at that, we’re even thrown in a few make up tips along the way!

2) Look for 3-in-1s. 

Instead of having lots of separate products to cart around, find a palette with colours that are right for you. We love the Absolu Voyage Complete make up palette by Lancome. You don’t really need a separate compact mirror, that’s what loos are for! Lots of products have mirrors in them. Let your products do double duty, not you.

3) let your smile do the work.

Try not to lug around 4-5 lippies with you. Just bring one tinted lip balm, one lipstick in your go-to colour, and if you want to have additional colour, add a lip pencil to your bag.

If just having a pared down make up bag isn’t possible for you and you like to keep all your make up stash at work, then duplicating the divider tray method we mentioned above. This will help keep your make up organised in both places, at home and work. If you keep your supplies simple, with an easy to reach and put back method, this will definitely make your life easier. Promise!

Above all remember, you are fabulous and everything is possible with coffee and mascara!

Please Organise Me can be contacted at: www.pleaseorganise.me

Telephone: 0781 152 9328 for any enquires