Your holiday is booked, the suitcases have been dragged out of storage and now comes the real art of travelling – what and what NOT to pack. Packing is pivotal for the ultimate holiday de-stress. If you pack too much, you will have to lug heavy bags, be disorganised at the other end and most probably bring back loads of unworn but creased clothes which will still need to be washed. If you forget something important you will end up shelling out money needlessly and who wants to go shopping whilst on holiday (well unless its stylish shopping but we’re not talking about that right now.)

To help you make your holiday both stylish and seamless here are Morello Life’s top tips to help your packing prowess.

Make a List

When it comes to packing, you can never be too organised. Short term pain for long term gain.  If you start your list a few weeks ahead of your hols, you will have time to buy any essential missing items you might need.

Making a list will revolutionise your holiday so make a packing list for every member of the family. You will then easily be able to see exactly what you are packing per person and will be able to check it on your return. Add a separate list for everything which needs to be included just before you leave – travel plugs, charges, phones, toys, tickets (important that one).

Lay It Out

We like to lay everything out in little strategic piles so that we can see if we are over packing. Nobody needs six kaftans for a week’s holiday (well maybe five). This is easy to see if it is all stacked together.

Go Capsule

For a wardrobe that is fully complementary then pick a colour palette and go capsule so that everything works together. Packing and dressing will be a breeze. No stress. Better holiday.

Picture It

A little OCD goes a long way. We like to put our clothes in clusters so place your black cut offs with 3 matching tops and take a photo so that we can remember the outfit combos. Repeat as necessary.

Divide by a Third

Overpacking is a rookie error and so easily done. The rule of thumb by travel experts the world over is take what you have and half it. We find this a little harsh so we will recommend dividing your original pile by a third. You will still have enough clothes. Another rule of thumb, one outfit for every day/evening with a spare. If you are like us you will end up wearing a couple of different outfits in different combos anyway.

Roll, don’t fold.

Personally, we are not rollers but most seasoned travellers agree that when packing rolling is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up much less space than folded ones and apparently they are less likely to get creased.

Pack Strategically

If you are having an overnight stop off then pack a separate bag wth everything you need tour that night so the rest of your luggage can remain in tact. Likewise if you are going somewhere hot and hitting the pool or the beach as soon as you arrive remember to keep your swimwear and goggles at the top of the case.

 Small is Beautiful

Lighten up. Don’t take full-size shampoo, shower gel etc. Buy small plastic bottles and decant all your daily essentials.

Lose the Shoes

Shoes are heavy and often unnecessary. One pair of trainers, flipflops, day shoes and heels will be enough. If you are going for a couple of weeks or more than maybe another pair of heels but no one needs more than 5 pairs of shoes.

Double Up

Where you can make your stuff work harder. Take hand luggage that can double up as a beach bag. Travel in the jacket that will be your ‘evening item’.

Wear the Weight

If you can then weigh your heaviest items to travel in. Planes can often be chilly so layer up and take the stress off the case.

Be Clear

Plastic is bad but it can transform your packing. Small plastic bags are perfect for packing individual jewellery so they don’t end up in a tangle and for preventing any spillage from any toiletries in danger of exploding. Any clothing you need for a special occasion should also be packed in the plastic sleeve from the Dry-Cleaner and rolled up. Once you arrive, hang as normal and the creases should fall out.

Divide and Conquer

If you’ve ever ended up on holiday without your suitcase then you will like this top packing tip. Basically, pack a few clothes per person in each bag so if the worst comes about and a bag is lost in transit then at least everyone will have something to wear.

Hand Luggage is King

Firstly go as large as you can to maximise extra space. Secondly, consider your hand luggage as the ultimate survival kit. Keep everything you need for your journey on hand. You need passports, money, credit cards, electronics, snacks, drinks, wipes (generally useful no matter how old your kids are), cover up and entertainment as preferred.

Take a Laundry Bag

This is brilliant and makes coming home a doddle. Line one of the suitcases with a large plastic bag and get all family members to put any dirty washing in the case as they go. If you fancy being really anal you can even take a pop-up laundry bag. The you arrive home – all your washing is one bag and everything else is not tainted by being packed with smelly smalls.

Happy Packing x