Sometimes you need to just forget about the crazy world around you, slip on your cosiest PJ’s and have yourself a duvet day.  It’s the perfect way to grab yourself some well deserved me-time, catch up on a box set, paint your nails or just recharge your sleeping batteries.  The decadence to act like you’re ill without moving from the sofa until nightfall sounds like bliss.  Mini departures to the kitchen for snack replenishment, is of course permissible.

Maybe you are feeling a bit peaky, you’ve got a well deserved day off or you might even be planning to pull a sickie. If you are planning for the latter we’ve heard that sticking some tissue paper up your nostrils can accentuate the sniffles for added impact. Not that we advocate that of course.

However you plan to get your day to laze in bed or curl up on the sofa, here are the key ingredients to a perfect duvet day…

Who to share your Duvet day with?

Are you a remote control hogger or would you rather be curled up with someone for the day? We’re not suggesting you call your extended family to join you on the sofa but it’s nice to share a duvet day with someone. And why not recreate a duvet day on a rainy weekend with your kids?  Ours love nothing more than a family afternoon snuggling down with all manners of snacks. Put your phones on silent, fluffy slippers on, popcorn to munch and snuggles from little ones. These are the picture perfect moments (post screaming match over which movie to put on of course).

snacks & drinks

OK so maybe you need to do a little prep for this but we’re not talking gourmet food here. Make sure you are well stocked up on all manner of treats (from crips and cookies, a naughty M&S curry or better still a delivery pizza) and have them all within arms reach. This is not the day for exercise so we’ll be keeping that at a minimum thank you.  And keep hydrated during the day. Toast some marshmallows on the fire or munch on our yummy halloumi fries with yogurt dip. If you need more snack inspiration head over to our mini bites section.

In our book, 5pm is wine o’clock and this certainly increases the duvet day enjoyment factor.  Better still, if you can arrange to have someone do a swing past your fridge around this time it will ensure your Fitbit gets a little rest too.

clothes & ambience

You’ve got to have the right threads to have duvet day sofa appeal. Ditch the skinny jeans & heels and get comfy. We’re talking cashmere socks, chunky cardi’s, brushed cotton Pjs (if you’re like a real grown adult then onesies are only recommended if you are totally alone with the curtains drawn. Just saying).  If you don’t feel like lugging your 20 tog duvet down the stairs make sure you have a great big fluffy throw or blanket to bury yourself in. Copious amounts of pillows are the ticket as well.


It’s your duvet day so it’s your choice what you do. Staring into the middle distance meditating is ok too.  Maybe your nirvana is getting into a nail biting paperback,- if so get the Hobnobs to the ready and check out our fav books reviews or for a more romantic read we have our top books about love this month.  If however you want to lose yourself on the goggle box here are our top box set binges that make your eyes go square.


Fuel your cocoon for the day with beautiful fragrances and warm table lamps. Stoke up the fire and light some scented candles (ok, so don’t waste your Jo Malone candle & room fragrance spritz if you’re only watching Finding Nemo with the kids).  Close the curtains, put your phone in another room so your not tempted to check your Igram account , line up your snack in alphabetical, colour code order (kidding. kind of) and get ready for a day of unadulterated pleasure. Whatever that may be.