These ingenious inventions will extend the life of any annoying bits of food hanging around the fridge. Judging by how many times we eat a whole avocado instead of a half just because it might go off, it may also help us keep our calories in check.

Food Huggers from Lakeland (RRP. £9.99) are made of silicon and are designed to ‘hug’ your left over food tightly – half an onion, tomato or avocado  (RRP. £6.49) to prevent discolouration and deterioration. They are brightly coloured to match your items – this is food fashion at its best.

These will keep things up to a week if kept in the fridge and are completely dishwasher safe.

More Tips on How to Store Stuff

Herbs – Remove packaging and pop in a glass (like a little herb bouquet) with water at the bottom.

Woody herbs – Remove packaging and wrap stems in damp kitchen paper.

Asparagus – Stand in a glass of water in the fridge.

Cheeses – Wrap left over cheese in greaseproof paper (we use old butter wrappings) and keep sealed and chilled.

Outside of Fridge

Potatoes – Store in a cool, dark cupboard away from onions which cause them to sprout faster (we only just learned this ourselves!)

Bananas –  If you need to ripen add an avocado to the fruit bowl or to slow down ripening or wrap the stems in clingfilm.

Bread – For super fresh bread, store it in a brown paper bag or if in supermarket packaging in a cool, dry place.

Tomatoes – Store at room temp and definitely not in the fridge as they become tasteless.

Eggs – These should be kept in the fridge as they will last about 2 weeks longer however if you are like us and cook & bake a lot then it is unlikely they will have time to go off. If you do keep them in the fridge then remember to let them come to room temperature before baking or they will curdle.