Credit: Box Appetit

We never expected to be enthused about a water bottle until we spotted the Eau Good range by Black & Blum at a recent expo. The sleek and stylish design makes you just want to pick it up and unsurprisingly it just moulds into your hand. What makes this water bottle so special is that your very own tap water is filtered and purified with the Binchotan charcoal filter that slots neatly into an indent in the bottle.

It has a pretty cool background too. Bincho-tan, meaning white charcoal, is actually the traditional charcoal of Japan and dates back to the 17th century.  The charcoal, in its raw state, works by releasing minerals such as calcium back into the water and removes chlorine which makes the water taste much better and has added health benefits. Win Win. Not to mention you aren’t throwing money down the drain (no pun intended) on bottled water and you are doing your bit for the enviroment.  The charcoal filter, which comes with the bottle, lasts six months and when you are done with it you can crunch it up (the filter, not the bottle) and can even use as a soil fertiliser. Pretty neat.

You’ll be amazed at how great it can make ordinary tap water taste!

The sleek glass bottle is curved in all the right places and comes with a sleeve for added protection and insulation. Or if you need something a little more practical for everyday the plastic option (feature image) is really sturdy but doesn’t skimp on design either.  Because the mouth of the bottle is rather wide and the lip is a little thick, it is surprisingly nice to drink from, you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Check out the range of colourways at Box Appetit or Amazon and you can have one for every member of the family (like we’ve done!)