Dig out your designer clutter, discover long lost Vintage treasures, collect Chanel, bag a Bagalencia.

This is eBay on the catwalk, glammed up too the nines and seriously strutting its stuff.


We have been literally BURSTING to tell you about Vestiaire Collective, the ‘re-commerce’ website for pre-owned luxury and vintage fashion.

This ingenious (one of those ‘wish we had thought of this now we’d be rich and successful’ ideas) website is all about buying and selling pre-owned designer fashion and accessories online. From classic Chanel to new season Gucci, vintage Hermès to timeless Céline; Vestiaire Collective is the go to destination to buy, sell and share designer pieces in a trusted environment. Every item listed on the site is checked and authenticated by in-house experts before any exchange takes place.

Fanny Moizant is the Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective and apparently has the most ‘edited wardrobe in fashion’. She originally designed the website for the seriously fashion conscious to sell last season’s designer pieces in order to restock the new. (We are SO not those people but we do appreciate a few key pieces and practically ALL designer accessories). Not you either huh? Well, there is much more to it than that so read on.


This new Tinder of fashion has over 200,000 items across 1,500 brands – 23,403 new items have been listed just this week! This is designer fashion porn at its best. Whether you are looking for a Gucci Dionysus bag, pale blue quilted calf-skin Chanel tote or bright red Louboutins, you can search the website by brand, category, size or date. If you are looking for something specific, you can even create an alert and receive real-time notifications when the item lands on the site.



So, with Christmas looming in the distance, it is a great time to dig through your wardrobe and sell anything designer that you no longer want and earn some serious dish-dosh ahead of the party season.

Never wear that designer watch you had for your 30th? Sell it. Got a few nice pieces that just ain’t getting over those thighs any more? Sell them. Been hankering after a Louis Vuitton Speedy Cloth Handbag (us too – here’s the link!) then set an alert on both the site and your other half. Perfect.

So how does it work?

TO SELL – list and upload photography of your item and you will get notified if you make a sale.

TO BUY – negotiate on the price (may not be below 70% of the item’s initial price), the item will be checked and sent to you.

EASY. You Buy, You Wear, You Sell, You Share.

All images are courtesy of Vestiaire Collective.