Call the Doctor.

Dr Wills sauces are just what the Doctor ordered.

Huge dose of taste + natural ingredients = big flavoured healthy food.

Each bottle of sauce is packed with natural ingredients – no gluten, no artificial ingredients and absolutely no refined sugar.

Sugar Overload

We all known that the stats on sugar are scary; the negative effects of refined sugar on our bodies are widely publicised and sugar has become ubiquitous in modern life, it is increasingly hard to avoid it.

So many proper British meals aren’t complete without a big old dollop of ketchup, but did you know that a couple of tablespoons of the red stuff contains 8g of sugar – and the maximum daily recommended intake is only 30g for adults and 19g for children? Not only that, but refined sugar is highly addictive so it keeps us reaching for the sauce, over and over again. Great for the sauce companies but definitely not great for us!

Don’t Worry the Dr is Here

A doctor (Will) and a restauranteur (Josh) got frustrated with the lack of healthy alternatives to these everyday sauces we can’t seem to live without (we admit a slight feeling of panic when the ketchup is running low) and they made it their mission to create an alternative. They began experimenting and created a range of sauces where the only sugar in the sauce came from the fruit and Medjool dates. They tested them on friends and family at Will’s wedding and Josh trialled them in his restaurant. Everyone raved about them and Dr Wills was born!

Can it Catch up With Ketchup?

We have to admit to being highly suspicious of anyone posing as a stand in for our beloved ketchup and thought the kids would have their noses firmly turned up. But not so. Each sauce in the range including the Tomato Ketchup is truly, truly delicious and the kids gobbled it up without even noticing we had weaned them off the sweet stuff.

The Guilt-Free Range

Each bottle of their natural sauces is  jam packed with 100% natural ingredients. Not only that, they are gluten, dairy free and contain absolutely no refined sugar.

 Dr Wills Ketchup

A superb, high taste equivalent to the usual suspect. Super flexible, it can used as a dip, a sauce, or even a base for pizzas. Delicious!

Dr Wills Beetroot Ketchup

OMG! This is our new favourite sauce – scrumptious, fruity and healthy. What more could we ask for? A divine addition to burgers, fries and salads – see recipe for our Beetroot and Feta salad.

Dr Wills BBQ Sauce

This smokey sauce is tangy with a good hint of spice. Perfect for adorning steaks, chicken or to dip your sweet potato fries in.

A healthy dose of flavour

We’re totally won over by this healthy sauces which are also full of flavour. They also look super stylish on our tables which is always a plus.

Dr Wills Healthy Sauces are available here.

Dr Wills Beetroot Ketchup

© Dr Wills – James Walker at Mindful Chef