The kitchen has never been more important  and is now the hub of the house. It needs to be a multifunctional space where all the family can hang out doing their own thing.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen make over in 2018 then look no further.  Morello Life has been in touch with some of the UK’s top designers to get the lowdown on kitchen trends and what’s hot for this year and beyond.

Papilio, renowned designers and bespoke kitchen design company based in Frome, Somerset, have given us the nod on what they consider to be the current kitchen trends.

1. Dark hues

According to Papilio, Dark hues are staying at the top of the chart with dark blues, forest greens and dark greys becoming more popular.

For something a little different and for those loving the lilac trend but not brave enough to go for it, shades of Plum are also coming through. Darker shades are also perfect paired with Brass which is another big trend for 2018.

Top Colour: Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue.

2. Brass and Mixed Metals

The trend for Brass and mixed metals continues with the metals being paired with warm colourways and acting as statement features within the kitchen.

Papilio consider gold and copper to be the new  stand-out surfaces, giving a luxurious finish to handles, wall tiles, statement lighting, small appliances and even plug sockets. Oh, and they say that gold taps are back, too.

2. Vibrant colour schemes

Vibrant colour schemes continue to be popular for 2018 with a focus on both pops of bright colour – or complete maximalism – with colour clashes similar to House of Hackney’ style.

As Papilio rightly point out colour can be used to create zones ‘a space for cooking should be light and bright while spaces designed for entertaining could have a darker essence to provide a suitable ambience’.

4. Multi-functional elements

For the avid entertainer the multi-purpose integrated trough sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen and can be used for anything from cooling Champagne (yes please!) and beers, growing herbs or for serving food. This is  seen as a favourite for people wanting to add that ‘wow factor’ to their kitchen.

Definitely a Morello Life Cherry Pick.

5. Faux Marble and stone

The very latest must-have worktop material is Neolith. Papilio consider this to be one of the most durable surface materials available as its revolutionary manufacturing process uses 100% natural materials, extreme heat and intense pressure which makes it almost indestructible. The range includes finishes in silk, satin, river washed and polished.

Top Choice:  AspenGrey which looks like natural grey stone and Belgian Blue.

6. Unique lighting solutions

Lighting continues to be one of the most important features in the home.

Papilio recommend incorporating three or more lighting features within a kitchen from a statement light, spotlights and under island lighting. One kitchen trend is to place concealed LED’s under the worktops to transform a kitchen into an entertaining space or if you’re feeling wacky add a pop of colour with some neon accents.

7. Integrated Hobs

Cooking elements set within an island are becoming a popular feature within contemporary kitchens.

This trend creates extraction issues so the new trend is the downdraft extractor. They are extremely discreet withdrawing into the work surface when not in use and also include a concealed task light to illuminate the cooking area.

8. The Statement Tap is back!

Moving on from the Brass material trend, feature taps are also increasingly popular. The ordinary sink area is over.

Not only that but in terms of technology the new trend is Zip HydroTap which transforms ordinary water into pure tasting boiling, chilled or sparkling water at the push of the button! This will start being an essential component of the kitchen and a kitchen trend we love!

Morello Cherry Pick!

9. Multiple Ovens

We’re busier then ever and if you like entertaining then it makes sense to cook multiple dishes simultaneously (see our recipe for Moussaka Made Easy).  I mean can you imagine Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey cooking a meal from just one?

Multiple ovens  are a massive kitchen trend which is here to say. Realistically, this doesn’t even stop at ovens as people are looking at multiple dishwashers and washing machines too. (We’ve got our eye on the Fischer & Paykel double dishwasher).

10. Open Shelving

Open shelving is becoming increasingly popular as it enables owners to add their own personality and individual taste to the kitchen whether that is ceramics, objet d’art, photographs or cookery books. It also allows for adding greenery to the kitchen incorporating yet another important interior style trend.

Trend report from Papilio @wearepapilio.

Feature Image: Bespoke Mulberry Kitchen by Smallbone of Devizes, from £45,000 (

All other images courtesy of Papilio.

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