This is the most gorgeous children’s night light for those little ones who are afraid of the dark and even for those who aren’t. This was purchased as a last resort for my daughter who had a habit of being an unwelcome visitor in the middle of the night and it was a great success. The Aloka sleepy night light has got it right on so many levels from the stunning array of designs (from T-Rex to cats and butterflies), the funky little remote control and it’s portability.

The light itself is a flat piece of sturdy acrylic material that sits in an upright base which can be easily detached for travelling. It comes with a little remote control that has lots of settings that are simple for kids to use. You can select a rainbow setting where the light moves through 12 beautiful colours giving a lovely glow around the room. The dimmer setting gives you a choice of 4 different levels of brightness. There is a timer option whereby the Aloka Sleepy light turns off after an hour and for those of you with middle of the night baby changes or feeding, the white light is perfect.

In fact this range of night lights are so beautiful  and soothing we are not surprised they have developed some grown up designs too!

It’s well worth its pound £36.99-£40 price tag because there really is no value on a full nights sleep in our opinion! For the full range of 36 designs visit Potwells, what2buy4kidsor Amazon.

With so many stunning designs from T-Rex to kittens and butterflies or owls, the only problem will be choosing which one