Make your loved ones happy by binning the usual overpriced paper card or floppy flowers and instead send her them some chocolate by post. That is proper Love  – in a box.

Love Cocoa, the original new company started up by direct descendant of the Cadbury Dynasty, James Cadbury, delivers three or six delicious bars of chocolate in a stylish box directly through the letterbox of the recipient of your choice.

The 85g chocolate bars are made in the UK using organic, fair trade cocoa that has been ethically sourced from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The price is easily equivalent to a bunch of flowers at only £13.95 for a box of three or £21.95 for six.

The six flavours are evocative of British flavours such as Malton Sea Salt (our favourite) and London based honey producer Barnes & Webb. The six varieties available in the initial range include milk, dark, and earl grey, as well as mint, sea salt and honeycomb flavours.

Whatever the occasion, this is a perfect gift – thank you, birthday, anniversary or everyday ‘present’, this next day delivery is sure to hit the spot and make anyone open their post with glee. The postman is not going to know what hit him.