This Mango and Tuna wrap recipe has been designed the way all the best recipes should be – from a mixture of memory, experience and convenience.

Re-created from a beautiful seasonal salad sampled on the Kings Road last summer, this dish has reached new heights now I have my wonderful Tropico sauce from Laterra Astisan at hand (see our Latest & Greatest).

In truth, you can use any mango sauce and I have previously used Japanese Wasabi Paste for the extra kick but that might be mixing the fusion theme to pushing point. My advice would be to keep it Mexican and add this delicious savoury sweet sauce. It is the perfect addition to a simple, summery dish.

Prawns or Chicken can easily be substituted if not a fan of Tuna and if you have to you could use tinned tuna but probably not suitable for a special occasion.

Takes 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to eat! Yum! Serves 2  but can easily be doubled, tripled or halved.


2 Fresh Tuna Steaks
Sea Salt and Finely Ground Black Pepper (always)
A splash of Sesame oil
2 flour Torilla Wraps warmed
Fresh salad leaves (I like a mix)
1/2 a Fresh Mango or 1/2 a carton if cheating (why not?)
Large Handful of Chopped Coriander
Laterra Artisan Tropicana Sauce or other


Mango and Tuna Wrap


  1. Heat sesame oil in griddle pan until smoking.
  2. Season Tuna Steaks and place on heated pan. Cook for a few minutes either side for rare tuna. The centre should be raw, like sushi, or the tuna will be tough and dry. Allow to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before cutting on the diagonal.
  3. Warm tortillas and lay out on plate ready to fill.
  4. Put a spoonful of Mango sauce in the middle of the tortilla and spread generously.
  5. Place lettuce leaves and any other bits like chopped cucumber across the tortilla.
  6. Add the sliced tuna, laying each piece across the salad.
  7. Sprinkle with fresh mango pieces and Coriander.
  8. Before serving, or rolling, dribble a generous portion of extra sauce on to the tortilla.
  9. This can be served open or rolled.

Please note if you are cooking chicken or prawns instead of the Tuna then these will need to have appropriate cooking times according to the instructions. Cold Tuna should be served cold and not re-heated.