The temperature has definitely gone up a couple of degrees and we are all counting down the days to al fresco dining. By getting on top of your garden this month you’ll be able to savour your late afternoon aperitif even more. As the soil starts to warm up with a hint of summer on the way it brings the dreaded weeds. But the good news is that this month there are some great fruit, veg & herbs to be harvested from your garden straight to the table. Here’s our top tips for the May garden checklist.


–  The start of May is really the last chance to sow lawn seed.
–  To get that grass looking lush don’t forget to feed it if you haven’t already done so.
–  Remove weeds & give it a weekly cut from now on


– Birds should have flown the nest by now so it will be safe to start hedge clipping but always check before taking out the shears.
– May is the start of proper hedge growth so get your clippers to the ready and give your hedge a regular hair cut


– Continue to deadhead flowers and feed spring-flowering bulbs
– Now is the time to start pruning your perennials to make sure you promote the best growth for the Summer months (check out the short video below for more tips).
–  As I saw my very sad looking Jasmine climber today I realised how much I had neglected climbers.  So make sure to tie in the shoots you want to retain and cut back or prune out entirely any shoots that are growing away from the wall.
–  Allow spring bulbs to die naturally, it will encourage stronger growth for next Spring.


–  Now is the time to sow sunflowers, nasturtiums, poppies and cornflowers.
–  There are lots of vegetable to sow this month, try sowing cucumber, gherkin and beetroot and herbs such as chives, coriander, dill & parsley which can be sowed directly into the ground once the frost is past.
–  Take care to push soil over emerging potato shoots to ensure they are protected.


If you have been very organised you could be enjoying the first fruits of your labour around now. Chard and spinach, radishes, carrots and the first new potatoes will be ready for harvesting. Herbs such as parsley, coriander, rosemary, sage and mint could be new arrivals to your chopping board. And rhubarb and cloched strawberries should be making an appearance for a delicious Sunday crumble…. hmmm, thats an idea for BITE next month.


–  Top marks for anyone who has cleaned their patios with the power hose – if you haven’t already done it, now is the time.
–  Keep an eye out for ants nests. They will be here until August unless you flush them out. Douse them with cold water on the lawn (for a few days) and it should drown them out. For more pesky ant families on patios get a good ant killer powder and block their rut.