When we came across the eye catching the meco tote range by local entrepreneur mums Catherine & Emma, we totally fell in love with them! Their dream was to design a bag that was chic in design, durable but also practical for every day living. They have struck a perfect balance between beauty and responsibilty with their debut range of six striking totes. We won’t lie, within seconds we had decided which colour we would buy! (Rust & Sea just so you know)

The bags are made from silicone (the chemical compound, rather than silicon the element) which is a really durable natural sand based substance. Literally sling mud at the bag, scratch it, drag it along the floor or even colour it with felt tips and it will be unfazed (a quick wipe clean will do the trick!). Well, that’s the durability covered then.

As for the responsibility, the bags are 100% vegan and cruelty free, another tick. The straps are made from PU (polyurethane) instead of PVC so it is less harmful to the environment. We were also very impressed with the meco recyclable packaging which was flawless at every touch point. From the welcome letter to the product tags and the outer packaging it exuded the brands responsible philosophy.

We purchased our bags for a cheeky trip to Dubai and gave them the beach challenge which they passed with flying colours. The tote is the perfect length to carry by the hand or over the shoulder.  We also love the chrome name tag which hangs neatly from the strap and the hidden magnetic clasp for security. And because it is so effortlessly stylish, it carries you from a smart lunch, school pick up or to your outdoor adventure. It’s definitely a go anywhere bag. Where will it go with you?

The great news is that meco Bags are offering all Morello Life readers a £5 off the RRP of £59 (so only £54 with your discount). Just use the code MORELLO5 at the checkout.  All you need to do is click here to redeem your offer and get your new bag delivered to your door. Then all you need to do is decide on the colour!