Fancy yourself as down with the kids or do you need subtitles to decode their slang? You’re not alone. New teen slang just spills out of our kids mouths every day – even the Urban Dictionary can’t keep up.  To make it harder, some teen slang are old words just recycled (with totally different meanings) to mess with your brain. To be honest it’s not much different from our 80’s and 90’s slang – not that we’d attempt to use bitchin’, duh, radical or coolio anymore (using it in front of your kids will not illustrate that you were young once. You were never young. Live with it).

But at least our slang stayed around for more than 5 minutes. Once you’ve finally managed to get your head around swag and FOMO than it’s already so yesterday: even yolo (you only live once), fomo (fear of missing out) is already getting passe. So here to de-code your kids garble is Miss Manners.

Parental disclaimer:

We’re hundo p that you need to keep this info low key. Bible, your teens may be emotionally and physically disturbed if you get too extra with the slang . And they won’t be weak, trust us.

p.s. And do not dab. E-V-E-R again. Soo not gucci.

The a-z of teen slang 2018


Short for Baby – term of endearment used to describe your significant other. Actually stands for Before Anyone Else.
I love you bae


Describing something fairly pedestrian and ordinary
she’s so basic with her flat latte OR did you see what she’s wearing? So basic


Skip the crap and get to the truth. Coined by the Kardashians. Usually start a sentence with bible to force the truth.
Bible: do you fancy him or not?


To reject someone romantically
Did you get her number last night? No, she said she was taken. You got curved man!


When something is over the top, dramatic, excessive
She arrived at the party in Louboutin heels and a skin tight dress, she’s so extra.


Greatest of all time.


If something or someone is Gucci they are good, cool, flashy.
How are you doing? We’re all Gucci, we’re gucc. OR Check out that car, it’s so gucci

Hundo P

One hundred percent. I’ll be there, hundo P

I’m weak

You’re weak when you find something amusing, hysterical, really funny
When that kid fell over on his face, I was like weak for 10 minutes!

K -Okay. Yep, that one was easy enough.

Low Key

Keeping something confidential between friends


If something is lit then it’s bloody amazing / excellent in any sense.
That party was lit!

On point / On Fleek

When it’s on point or on fleek it means it’s extra perfect –your make-up is so on point today


Talking in a bitter or sassy way about someone or something that you haven’t gotten over.
Did you see how salty she’s being with Jana? OR Stop being so salty


wild or harsh


feisty or sassy


abbreviation for relationship


Describing something that looks gooood. You can use this similarly to on point / on fleek.
Your coat is snatched

Straight Fire

Popular, trendy, awesome


Kind of obvious: suspicious – when someone is being shady or hiding something.


When something is to die for. It’s so amazing that you might just, well – die.- That jacket is totally TD!


Tea refers to gossip – spill the tea

Throw Shade 

Speaking badly about something or someone or give someone a dirty look
Sarah was really throwing shade on Emma yesterday


When you’re either really excited about an upcoming event or that you’re going to be pretty inebriated.
I’m gonna be turnt up tonight


A general awareness or appreciation for social or current affairs
wow, that girl is so woke

And some new slang that’s on the way in…

Peng … meaning cool, good looking ‘hmm, he’s peng’
Eets … short for sweet
Peak … when something is going pear shaped

Most of the above slang is pretty harmless but good to keep on top of Netspeak or text speak (abbreviations for texting in an effort to save keystroke)

Miss Manners Net Speak you should definitely watch out for

Texting ‘9’  – Short for a parent is nearby
99 – parents gone – no, not they want a mr whippy with a flake
 121 – lets chat in private
Blow / yayo – cocaine
Tree- Marjuana – ‘I’m looking for some tree’
Sugarpic – referring to a suggestive or erotic photo
182 – I hate you
A3 – anytime, anywhere
TDTM – talk dirty to me
LMIRL – lets meet in real life
FINSTA – fake Instagram account