Mixed Metallics – the new Home Trend

Mixed Metallics – the new Home Trend

Whether it’s bold brass, cool copper or shiny silver, metallics are the new prominent trend for interiors right now.

What is even more in vogue is mixing these metallics up and including different tones and textures in the same space. In fact, it’s considered super un-chic to have all your metalwork matching (or anything for that matter – matchy matchy is out!). Instead it is all about layering textures, features and colours to offer personality and vibrancy to your home. The key is to create balance by blending both warm and cool metallic tones throughout or you can just add a few acessorries to give your nest a contemporary feel.

So, if you want to give your interiors a little metal shake up see our guide to our top cherry picks in the world of metallics to make your home shine.


If you don’t want a major revamp then it’s simple enough to embrace the trend by adding accessories and using accents of metal. These gorgeous stacking brass bowls by Tom Dixon will add warmth to any room and will especially ‘pop’ if they contrast with your current colour scheme. To embrace the trend further then pair brass or gold with silver accessories such as these tall lanterns which will also be bang on for the number 1 interiors rule – Something tall, something small.


Mirrors are a perfect way to create light and add a statement focal point to any room. This beautiful Moorish Mirror with its ornate gold frame and Maroq cut out pattern  is perfect for adding a vibrant deco touch to your living space.  In fact there is an enormous choice of metallic textures and finishes for mirrors including from gold, bronze, silver to brushed metal and rose gold. You will be spoilt for choice.


A clever way to play  trends is with works of art. Adding an affordable piece of art is an easy option for intergrating metallic accents.  If your budget can’t stretch to a piece of artwork then there are lots of great options for metallic prints that can bring your wall to life. Or choose some metallic hanging frames in different shapes and sizes for a mismatched gallery look.

Rose Gold is the New Gold.

If Gold is just too, well Gold then Rose Gold can offer an elegant alternative. Rose gold is slightly easier on the eye whilst still being flattering and subtly glamourous. Accents can include side tables, vases and accessories to complement your current scheme or treat yourself to this gorgeous bluetooth speaker and bring your interiors bang up to date.


Finally, if you prefer to leave your interiors in tact but still wish to embrace the trend then you can play with lighting. Either changing a few nightshades or adding a pendant can update a whole room. This ingenious light bulb by Plumen comes in a gold tinted glass and offers a soft warm glow similar to candlelight. Perfect for displaying either on its own or hung together in groups it will bathe your home in a glorious golden tint.