How much do you dread the job of picture hanging in your house? It sounds so simple to hang a picture straight, right? And if you are only hanging one picture then it’s hard to go wrong. Just bang and hang. That’s all fine and dandy until you want to display  a trio of frames or a gallery wall as this is where it can start to get a bit tricky. Too high, too low, not spaced right. It’s easy to end up with multiple holes in the wall as you scatter gun the drill in fury when the frame heights STILL don’t align. Believe us there are many battle wounds lurking under the outer beauty of our frames!

Here at Morello Life we always aspire to inspire so here is the only hack you will ever need for getting picture hanging right the first time.

Here’s what you need for perfect picture hanging every time

Measuring tape
A pencil, ruler & some blue tack
Some parchment or large sheets of paper or even newspaper
Nails or rawl plugs & screws for heavier frames
Peace and quiet for 30 mins!